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Louis Basenese Green Energy: Lost Cause Or Must-Have Investment? from Louis Basenese. You know I favor microcap technology investing. My rationale is simple (and irrefutable)… No other investment on Earth rewards investors greater for hitting the bull’s-eye. The problem is the bull’s-eye always moves. Case in point: Roughly 10... Louis thinks VR headsets will be used for more than just next generation video games. Drones, Driver-less Cars, Bitcoin and the Block Chain technology are also discussed and Jason wraps up the interview by asking Louis what are some his his favorite most disruptive technologies for the next five years? Louis says we will be harnessing Nicola ... Articles by Louis Basenese on Muck Rack. Find Louis Basenese's email address, contact information, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media and more. Louis Basenese lays out for you the “Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint.” If you want to get your hands on a winning lottery ticket of your own, we suggest you read on. We only wish we had that ... Louis Basenese runs (or used to run, their website now has Greg Miller as the head) a service he calls VentureCap Strategist for Wall Street Daily, and readers have been writing in with questions about one of his ads off and on for a few weeks now — I don’t know that it’s in circulation […]

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Bitcoin to 100 Million USD - In global Economic Meltdown

Qu'est-ce que le bitcoin, pourquoi faut-il s'y intéresser ? 🤔 L'ACTUALITÉ, TOUS LES JOURS SUR INSTAGRAM : L'ACTUALITÉ TOUS... Außerdem sehen wir uns die Problematik der Bitcoin Rich List an und warum ein Reddit User seinen Lotto gewinn in den BTC investiert hat. Viel Spaß! Viel Spaß! Dein kostenloses Erstgespräch ️ ----- Sergej Heck ist als einer der bekanntesten und erfolgreichsten N... We warned last week that the bearishness in BTC/USD would not last for long and that one final move to the upside was yet to be seen. Now that the new week has begun, Bitcoin has pumped past $9.2k ... Louis says it's good news for cyber security companies with all the news stories of hacks and data breaches seemingly not stopping in the news. Louis thinks companies will have to keep increasing ...