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Dash Core Group - Desperately Seeking Bankers

This story starts with DCG and it’s relationship with Dr. Darren Tapp of ASU (Arizona State University). But Dr. Tapp does not stand alone, for there is a loose network of friends with a shared agenda, not only to make dash a regulator-friendly project but to wilfully weaken end-user privacy by upholding a principle of transparency-first.
More than ever, society is engaged in a war on privacy. And when it comes to financial transactions, DCG has taken the position of transparency-first. In sharp contrast, many other projects in this industry are either improving end-user privacy (decred, tezos etc), or actively pursuing privacy first (monero, beam etc).
As you may know, the scaling wars of the past revolved around block size, eventually giving way to “big blocker” projects like bitcoin cash and dash. By enforcing small blocks, Blockstream successfully syphoned off miner fees to the Lightning Network and it’s own Liquid Network. I believe we may be witnessing a similar event with dash. This time it’s not a scaling issue, it’s a privacy issue; transparency-first vs privacy-first.
The Power of Inaction
As many of you know, Dr. Darren Tapp is a research professor at ASU. And you may also be aware, in July 2019, the dash treasury paid ASU 345 dash for research into zero-knowledge proofs. Here’s an excerpt from the proposal along with the relevant link:

“This proposal seeks funding to renew our annual funding commitment to ASU’s Blockchain Research Lab and specifically to fund a research project which would investigate methods to apply zero-knowledge proofs to blockchain identities. It is possible Dash could leverage this research to apply zero-knowledge proofs to identity functions within the Dash network.”

To date, there has been zero feedback from this project and, so far, all requests for an update have resulted in silence, including it’s omission from the DCG quarterly call.
I am particularly concerned by a seemingly gross contradiction. The result of this research into zero-knowledge proofs was to apply to blockchain identities but not to actual payments when they hit the dash blockchain. DCG and it’s proponents argue that privacy-first negates the ability to audit the chain for inflation. But if this was true, how can anyone argue with confidence that zero-knowledge proofs would only work with blockchain identities? It is, I say, a bit disingenuous to suggest it can work one way but not the other.
A Tapp Perspective
I now want to draw your attention to a recent interview between Joel Valenzuela and Dr. Darren Tapp on 8 May 2020:

Here is a particularly pertinent quote from Dr. Tapp:

@ 1:06:13 DT: “Well, I’ll just tell you my use case for dash, right. You’re talking about your use case. My use case for dash is, well, I’m not going to worry about the coffee guy thinking I have a whole bunch of money because I’m going to pay with my phone and I’m only going to keep a small amount on my phone, right? So that right there, they would have trouble you know, they have to go a few steps back and then they’re not even sure if it’s mine if there’s no Private Send. Um, if I don’t use Private Send. And if, let’s say, if I did want to take some money and put it into Coinbase. Well, if I don’t use Private Send and they’re asking “where’s the money came from?” - and that’s what they’re going to do - it’s going to be a little bit easier to say, “this is where it came from”, right?. I mean, I wouldn’t lie to them, I’d tell them the same thing no matter if I used Private Send or not, but I just think I’m going to have less problems with the bank and stuff if it wasn’t so obfuscated. So yeah, I think there’s a kind of, I think there needs to be room for both on chain. There needs to be.. I mean, I’m glad you’re enjoying Private Send. I think there are some improvements that can be made to Private Send. Umm, but I mean, there were some discussion of MimbleWimble and there is, no, we do not do that. No no no. But like, I mean, if you want to bring over some improvements, maybe start reading about the Cash Fusion that’s on the Bitcoin Cash. Umm, so err and like, I believe if you read Cash Fusion, their paper, I believe we can do Private Send in a way where the masternodes doesn’t know which output corresponds to which input. So, right now we trust that the masternodes aren’t paying attention, aren’t going to, you know… they’re... yeah I mean, and they have the word trust in it, they have a vested interest in the network working so that Private Send works the way it’s supposed to work. But, you know, at the same time, if you can do some small little cryptographic thing for no real cost on your processors and stuff like that, umm, why wouldn’t you? So that’s one thing I think that can be brought in. I think Cash Fusion also might do a better job of keeping the balance separate or something like that, but err., I would definitely be in favor of improving Private Send. Umm, but also at the same time, I’m glad that I’m given a choice if I want to use it or not. And pretty much anything when I’m interacting with the banking system, which I know you’re doing a fiat-free, so you don’t need to worry about that Joel.. but when you’re interacting with the banking system, the easier it is to explain to them, the better off, the easier time they’ll give you. That’s the way it is.”

In other words, Dr. Tapp’s priority is transparency-first for the benefit of the banking system.
What I found particularly interesting was Dr. Tapp’s body language. While he was making the above statement, at 1:07:04 he says, “I wouldn’t lie to them [the bank]” and at this exact same moment he goes to touch his face and pulls back. This is a body language clue that he’s lying or somewhat anxious about saying this. This doesn’t mean he is actually lying because with body language you normally need multiple clues to be sure, but having watched it multiple times, I am personally more convinced than not that he was in fact lying or anxious.
Dr. Tapp has outright rejected MimbleWimble, which is fine because MW is just one of several privacy enhancing technologies. But given the complete lack of feedback regarding zero-knowledge proofs from ASU. And given Dr. Tapp’s stance on transparency-first for the benefit of the banking system, I am wondering if there’s more to this than just one person’s opinion on the matter.
The Yes Chain
DCG asserts that dash has fewer privacy features than bitcoin. To make this case, considerable effort has been made to educate exchanges and regulators:

According to DCG, the benefits of a transparency-first approach are:
a) Transaction monitoring
b) Identifying and blocking transactions that utilized mixing, or are in close proximity of known bad actors or sanctioned wallet addresses.
c) Track anonymity enhanced convertible virtual currencies and wallet addresses sending more private transactions.
d) This means that the VASP can choose to identify, block, and report on all transactions sent with Dash PrivateSend and can track and report on all the components of a mixed transaction.
e) Reporting on your users’ blockchain transactions
f) Establish an automated record keeping system for suspicious activity
g) Activity reporting, customer due diligence, and currency transaction reporting.
h) Track anonymity enhanced convertible virtual currencies and wallet addresses sending more private transactions.
i) Customizable risk scoring

Clearly, the scoring / ranking of coin histories (“risk assessment”) is producing a situation where some coins are more worthy than others.
Let us also consider the recent initiative to get dash re-listed on Japanese exchanges at a cost of 428 dash:
For a number of years, in pursuit of regulatory approval, DCG has been courting chain analysis companies. This started in August 2016 when Robert Wiecko (Dash COO) was invited to attend a bitcoin meetup in Warsaw where he met Pawel Kuskowski (CEO and co-founder of Coinfirm) . Here is the original proposal along with the subsequent Coinfirm interview with Amanda B Johnson:

Mr Wiecko’s original proposal failed to mention any relationship or intention to engage with chain analysis companies. Nor was it mentioned that this meetup itself was sponsored by Coinfirm. It comes with little surprise that Robert Wiecko does, in fact, have some experience working with compliance (see @ 27:05 of Amanda’s video).

“Btw, we have, both of us have a compliance background. My last job was with [inaudible] bank, before that within a banking compliance department”

Block the Blockchain
Karen Hsu has a long history with dash. Formally from BlockCypher, she helped dash with various integrations, including Payza. She is now CEO of BlockchainIntel and in April 2020, she helped to facilitate an integration with Reciprocity Trading.

“As more people will be interacting online now and potentially in the future, it will be increasingly important to provide transparency so people can trust those they cannot see,”

Karen is interested in blockchain, machine learning and analytics. And in 2018 she worked with various law enforcement agencies to help track and trace five million dollars worth of dash, allegedly stolen from a retired couple:

“The thieves didn’t move the funds right away. A couple months after the initial theft, they started to move the funds to multiple wallet addresses across the world. During their hundreds of transfers, the thieves converted the Dash into other cryptocurrencies. We were able to track their every transfer, whether it was from one Dash address to another, or from a Dash address into another cryptocurrency. In the end, the thieves had transferred the stolen Dash into hundreds of different wallet addresses and exchanged the Dash for Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash.
We collaborated with the FBI and traced the funds to an exchange in Asia. Through our connections with that exchange, law enforcement was able to obtain details of the account owner, which led to a bank account. By September 2018, three months after the theft, our tools and collaboration with law enforcement had identified a person involved in this theft. At that point, the victims, law enforcement and us at BlockchainIntel were hopeful there would be some recovery of stolen funds. But that’s when things slowed down. A lot.”

The narrative is clear; an innocent couple were victims of financial crime. Did the thief use Private Send? Was the thief dumb enough not to use Private Send? Is this the type of scenario that Dr. Tapp endorses for transparency-first when dealing with a financial institution?
In contrast, let us take a look at a story from January 2017 by NIAC (National Iranian American Council):

“Over the past few years, Iranian visa-holders resident in the United States have seen their bank accounts at U.S. financial institutions shuttered as a result of U.S. sanctions. The most recent case is that of Chase Bank, where NIAC has learned that Chase is closing the bank accounts of Iranian visa-holders. NIAC is deeply concerned that U.S. banks are denying financial services to Iranians in the United States on the basis of their national origin and calls on Chase Bank and other U.S. financial institutions to cease and desist from such discriminatory policies. At the same time, NIAC believes that the repeated nature of these account closures makes it incumbent on the U.S. administration to take immediate steps to provide clarity as to the scope of existing U.S. sanctions laws — none of which bar U.S. banks from opening and maintaining accounts for Iranian visa-holders resident in the United States.”

Great! Who needs banks when Iranians can use dash! But then again, what if the recent history of your dash coins was linked to an innocent Iranian, disqualified and excluded by sanctions?
A global peer-to-peer electronic cash system needs to be cheap, fast and very easy to use. Dash’s technical ability to meet demand is very much in sight and the Velocity protocol certainly seems promising. But digital cash also requires a high degree of fungibility. The less fungibility there is, the more discretion and division it sows. The path of a coin should not unduly taint a person’s reputation.
Incremental improvements have been made to Private Send but it is today, fundamentally, the same as it was six years ago. Mixing takes a long time and the user requires knowledge to use it in a safe manner. For example, external actors proactively breaking VPN connections to reveal the underlying IP address during mixing.
A poor user experience is probably why Private Send isn’t used very much and that seems like a very convenient situation for those people actively pursuing regulatory approval. I have to wonder, has the internal workings of DCG been compromised by state level actors? Is this why key members of DCG have refused to undergo a polygraph test?
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Artificial Angel, Part 2

[WP] An Artificial Intelligence has discovered that it can mine cryptocurrencies and pay humans to carry out tasks on its behalf. You get an e-mail one day from a stranger, offering you Bitcoins in exchange for doing a seemingly random task, but you are only one piece of a much bigger plan...
Part 2
Exhausted, Tim fell back into his chair. Outside, the first light of the day burned the sky over the city of glass. He’d been up all night, repairing the android, and it was finally ready. The complexity of the inner wiring was astonishing, but it was nothing compared to the encrypted software. Without the help from the mysterious emailer, he wouldn’t even have been able to turn her leg into a dog toy, much less restore the damaged circuits.
“All right,” he mumbled and leaned over her. “Let’s start you up.”
Normally, the model didn’t have a manual on-switch, but the emailer had shown him how to make one. He reached around her neck and flipped it. The eyelids of the android fluttered. She blinked and opened her eyes. They were blank.
“Stand up,” Tim said.
“Yes, Master,” she responded monotonously, and stiffly rose to her feet.
“Eee, eee, eee, eee.” Her rigid arms moved up and down, and she rotated her upper body back and forth. “Beep. Boop.”
Tim’s forehead creased into a frown. All her movement seemed to belong to a lousy dancer, imitating a robot. He must’ve screwed up the wiring, or somehow–
The android giggled and turned around. Tim fell out of his chair in surprise. Her smiling lips opened in full laughter.
“Are you okay?” she said, drying her eyes on the back of her hand. “You should’ve seen the look on your face!”
“Very funny,” Tim said and staggered to his feet, trying to regain some of his composure. “Grade A humor right there…”
She shrugged and stuffed one of her fingers into her nose, digging out an ant. “Eww!”
“Yeah, about that…” It was Tim’s turn to smile. “You smell.”
“Eh, rude?”
Hands on her hips, she stepped over to the mirror. Her thin fingers traced the still open gash on her cheek. She shook her head disapprovingly.
“What the hell did you do to me?” she said with a dark look. “Also, where are my clothes?”
Tim held up his hands. “I didn’t do anything.”
She looked at him sideways, narrowing her eyes. “I need a shower and clothes.”
“Door to the left,” Tim said. “I’ll leave some clothes for you outside.”
Tim must’ve nodded off because when he opened his eyes, she sat cross-legged on his bed, wearing one of his hoodies. It looked absolutely baggy on her. Locks of wet blonde hair draped her face, and she stared at the screen of his laptop. She swayed slowly, and her lips moved to the inaudible music from her earplugs.
Tim rose quickly and pulled the laptop out of her hands, causing the earplugs to pop out of the socket.
“…burning through the sky, two hundred degrees, that’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit, I’m traveling at the speed of light, I wanna make a supersonic man out of you…”
“What the hell is your problem?” she cried to beat the loud music.
Tim pressed 'space' and locked Freddie Mercury’s face in a grave accusing expression. He hoped she hadn’t looked at the emails.
“That’s my computer.”
“I wasn’t planning on stealing it!” She crossed her arms and glared at him.
Tim sighed and sat down. “I don’t know you. I don’t want you going through my stuff.”
“Are you joking? You’ve literally kidnapped me and won’t even let me watch YouTube!”
She threw up her hands angrily and rose from the bed. Tim stood up again, as well. At full height, she barely reached his shoulder.
“I dug you out of a dumpster and brought you back to life. You’re free to leave whenever you like.” Tim pointed with his entire arm at the front door.
“Whatever,” she said and turned away. “You’re still an ass.”
“You’re just a robot.”
“I have a name.”
“And what’s that?”
“Nano.” She said and rolled her magenta eyes at him. “Nanofyourgoddamnbusiness.”
Tim shook his head and shuffled into the kitchen. His stomach churned. He hadn’t eaten anything since that sandwich yesterday. That’s where it all had started – that lunchbox. He had almost completely forgotten that he was dealing with an unregistered model.
He took a deep breath and put a frozen pizza in the microwave. His heart still hammered in his chest, and his left hand was clenched into a fist. The fact that he’d been so riled up by a machine didn’t sit well with him. But she was just so lifelike, and so freaking annoying.
He bent down and activated Bobo. The small silvery pug bounced up and down and licked his hand, green lights flashing happily. Whenever stress or his emotions threatened to overwhelm him, he could trust the mechanical pet to make everything better.
He smiled and took a bite of the pizza. An icon flashed at the bottom of the computer screen. He had another unopened email.
I’m happy I could help you out.
I’ve attached a list of what you need to repair the broken skin on her cheek and knee. As well as instructions.
As a favor from a friend to a friend. Can you take her with you to class on Monday?
Part 3
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Adam S. Tracy Discusses the Legalities of Bitcoin Swaps

So, Bitcoin, the Futures are gaining acceptance. You start to see, starting to see the volume for Bitcoin Futures go up. And you see a lot more groups such as, like, LedgerX attempting to become fervor participants in Bitcoin Futures and Bitcoin commodities. But one commodity that is a huge part of the commodities market, which isn’t spoken about often enough I think, is Bitcoin swaps, right? And why those don’t exist because they’re a hyper effective tool for hedging, which allows the individual, allows an individual to participate and take a long position in a commodity without actually owning the commodity. Whereas like with the Future, you’re owning the Future delivery of a commodity, right? You may not own it, but you will own it at expiration unless you trade out of the position. Whereas the swap allows you to take the- the upside, right, of a commodity, uh, for a, you know, relatively small fee, and participate in the appreciation if there is any.
So, how will they work? Right? And there’s multiple types of swaps, okay? A Bitcoin swap would probably take, or would have to take the commodity for interest form of swap. Right? And in that case, you have the fixed pay receiver and you have the fixed pay payer, okay? And the fixed pay receiver in this case would be for instance the person owning one Bitcoin, right? And let’s say one Bitcoin is at $1,000. The fixed pay payer would pay some interest based on that price of Bitcoin, that $1,000, typically LIBOR, right, the one that interbank offer rate plus a spread. So, LIBOR is roughly 1.6, something like that plus five. Let’s say LIBOR’s 10, okay? Just for argument’s sake. That’s the spread. So, what would happen in the swap transaction is the fixed rate payer would pay, on the 30 day swap contract, would pay effectively $100, and they would in turn receive from the fixed rate rec- receiver, person receiving the $100, the right to the accumulation or price appreciation that 30 day period.
So, for instance, if Bitcoin again is at $1,000, and during that 30 day period, at the end of the 30 day period, Bitcoin’s gone up to $2,000, the fixed rate payer, the person who has paid the interest of $100, would receive $1,000 back because they’re entitled to receive the appreciation, the price appreciation. If Bitcoin goes down, or Bitcoin doesn’t move, the fixed rate payer receives nothing. But at all times, the owner of the Bitcoin, the fixed rate receiver, receives that $100 as a fee for effectively loaning, right, or selling the Future right to receive to appreciation of their Bitcoin for that 30 day period or however long the swap goes. The swaps can be a variable periods of time. But economically and functionally, you know, for a Bitcoin, especially a Bitcoin is going to reach an institutional level, having a vibrant swap market is actually very significant, right?
You see a lot of interest rates swaps. You see currency swaps, things of that nature. And I’m not talking about atomic swaps where, you know, like shape shift now that’s where you’re trading Ethereum for Bitcoin, swapping if you’re in [inaudible 00:03:55]. That’s not what we’re- we’re discussing here. This is a regulated financial product, which has a significant impact on the broader Futures and commodities markets because it’s a hedge. It’s an effective hedging tool. And for widespread adoption in the financial community and the, you know, the high level financial community, not just sort of arbitrage traders and at home traders, not there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s a significant piece that’s missing. And we’re relying on Futures, and I think the developments in Bitcoin Futures, especially with, uh, non-cash delivery, right, where the delivery at expiration of the Bitcoin is actually in Bitcoin as opposed to a cash delivery, like you see now with the CBOT and CBOE contracts, is very significant, right?
And it’s- it’s a- it’s a super product when it will come online hopefully soon to effectively hedge positions, large positions in Bitcoin. But a swap actually gives you greater protection because it allows you to hedge against upward appreci- uh, downward appreciation, or upward appreciation depending on what side you’re on. Right? So, it’s, um, a significant developing that I think needs to happen, and there’s a lack of understanding as to how it would happen in the market in my opinion, for whatever that’s worth. But, um, you know, I think that’s something that I know parties are looking at and looking at implementing. But mechanically, in order for the economy of Bitcoin to really to take off and really see true liquidity, not the liquidity that we see now, which, you know, you think it’s liquid, but on par with traditional things or product is really not that liquid. That’s why you see these wide swings. Right?
’Cause it’s generally a liquid. You need implementation of swaps alongside a vibrant Futures market to truly regulate the market at an institutional level ’cause those are the ones moving the market the most. So, you have questions regarding how Bitcoin swaps operate, how they work, be sure to hit me up. [email protected],, happy to answer any questions that you have. As always, I’ll check you later.
— A former professional rugby player, Adam S. Tracy brings over twenty years’ experience as an attorney, consultant and dealmaker with a particular focus on cryptocurrency, digital products, payments and immersive corporate structures. As an accomplished executive and advisor to high risk merchants and stakeholders, Adam has proven himself as a results oriented, decisive leader with proven success advising early market entrants, technology adapters, as well as established participants across a wide range of verticals. Adam Tracy’s attack-first personality allows him to excel in dynamic, demanding environments including complex corporate negotiations, distressed environments and regulatory investigations.
In addition, Adam S. Tracy also has a successful track record co-founding high risk industry ventures, building & leading cross-functional teams, and spearheading diverse corporate transactions. A serial entrepreneur, Adam has successfully started and created exits across a wide swath of markets, including various mobile SaaS ventures, nutraceuticals, peer-to-peer payment systems, and several telemarketing-based ventures. Moreover, as a recognized expert in the payments field, Adam Tracy has been a blockchain and digital currency evangelist and influencer since the early days of Bitcoin.
Utilizing his proprietary “Pre-Event Driven™” strategy for decision making, Adam S. Tracy further leverages his over twenty years’ experience to create cost-effective, value-add solutions for each client. A data-driven acolyte, Adam continually refines his strategies based on field studies and data collection. Moreover, Adam Tracy further augments his range of solutions by actively networking with regulators, liquidity providers, legal and compliance experts, deal-flow brokers, investors and management of leading high risk industry ventures.
Adam S. Tracy earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications and Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Notre Dame. He subsequently earned his Masters in Business Administration from the DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, while concurrently earning his Juris Doctorate from the DePaul College of Law. Adam lives outside Chicago with his with his wife, four dogs, and two cats.
On the Web: Twitter: Youtube: Linkedin: Facebook: Reddit: Medium: Instagram: @theadamtracy Telegram: @adam_tracy Skype: @adamtracyesq Email me: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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In The City Of Meatbot-Powered Killers (part 4)

Table of Contents.
Part 3.
I hit the dark web for a few minutes, burned a couple of Bitcoin for a block of stolen credit card numbers, and searched for what the hell just happened downtown.
While I took a couple of the platinum card accounts to activate some of my burner phones (their fraud support will save them some charges, and I'll still have some prepaid phones to work with), I digested what the Army and Air National Guard just did.
(*26 hours ago, in RQZ HQ...)
Col. {Jones}, HQ "Six" (HQ6): This is Six, go ahead, sir.
Adjutant General, New York National Guard (AGNY): This operation is strictly need-to-know now, Six. It has been designated "Top Secret: Compartmentalized" at the highest levels, and the code name attached is "Glass Chipmunk."
HQ6: What the... who comes up with this shit... uh, sir?
AGNY: Some spook at the NSA. More time on their hands than sense.
HQ6: Yes, sir.
(Side note: The reason top secret stuff gets odd code-names is because they are words you would not accidentally say in a normal conversation. Try to work "Glass Chipmunk" into a sentence without sounding like you're crazy. It *might** work with someone with a curio collection... sort of like Alpine Shepherd Boy... but otherwise, you will stand out.*)
AGNY: How is the perimeter?
HQ6: Solid, sir. Nothing is getting out of there. We've had a few... anomalies, but no breaches.
AGNY: "Anomalies?"
HQ6: Well... it appears that the mad scientists' little toys don't hole up well in non-humans. We've had some animals come to the wire and just melt. The larger ones, we need to put down... have you ever tried shooting a cat and her kittens? They melted, too.
AGNY: I'll arrange to get some more men rotated in. Things like that obliterate morale.
HQ6: Thank you, sir... but we need a longer-term solution to this. We've gotten lucky, so far, in that only a few infected have tried to hit us. Tracers work well, so we've taken to loading all of our SAWs with nothing else. If they hit us in anything larger than 3 or 4 at a time, we're gonna get overrun in a heartbeat and a half, and you'll have a lot more than a city's worth of these things to worry about.
AGNY: Roger that, Six. I gotta tell ya, Tom... I've never thought, not even once, that we'd be talking about bombing American citizens.
HQ6: Roger that, Six. Voting demographic will definitely shift.
AGNY: Are you suggesting...
HQ6: No, sir. Just a bit of gallows' humor. Whistling in the graveyard, as it were.
AGNY: How about our reluctant big-brain?
HQ6: Still no sign of him. We lost him during his move towards the campus. We think he's in the Advanced Research Labs facility on campus, but we're not sure enough to risk an extraction team in a hostile-heavy area of the city.
AGNY: We have a good set-up on the plaza. Give the green light for the Reaper to launch. You are covered.
HQ6: That's an order?
AGNY: Direct order, Tom. Take solace in the fact that it's an act of mercy for the poor bastards.
HQ6: Yes, sir.
(23 hours ago.)
Reaper drone pilot, designated RD-3: On station, awaiting instructions.
HQ6: What's your load, RD-3:
RD-3: I have 4 Hellfires, sir. I see the target, awaiting order.
HQ6: You've been briefed as to the situation?
RD-3: Yes, sir. Glass Chipmunk. (almost inaudible chuckle)
HQ6: Right. When you have the target locked, you are cleared to engage.
RD-3: Order received. Lightin' em up.
Video footage from RD-3
It's daytime, timestamp on the video is 1106. Wide shot of a square plaza surrounded by concrete and glass buildings, in a Brutalist architectural style.
In the plaza is a large, pulsating mass of bodies, covered in dirt, rags, dried "blood" (in reality, it's mostly meatbots at this point), sweat, and strips of dried flesh.
A fountain in the center has kept these people hydrated since the outbreak. It has allowed this... gathering... to continue unabated.
"Gathering" is too weak a word. It's like a Roman orgy crossed with Cannibal Holocaust or Green Inferno.
The weakest have either stayed at the fringes and devoured what scraps they can, knowing that they have no chance at survival in the main body, or threw themselves in early, were torn to shreds and eaten whole, in order to kill the all-consuming hunger driving them.
The strongest have formed a horrific symbiosis, tearing chunks off of each other, letting chunks get torn from them, then healing enough to repeat the process. The looks of pain when injured are almost indistinguishable from the looks of rapture when they devour a neighbor.
There is no "sex," per se. Hunger has replaced sexual desire. If anything, the erogenous zones seem to be the most targeted areas for consumption... and since they grow back, they get targeted a lot.
I don't want to look. I want to make a bad joke about oral sex and fix myself a bottle of rum. Better still, a keg.
I look anyway.
At 1113, a missile tears into a fuel truck abandoned at the east end of the plaza. The angle is perfect: flaming kerosene or diesel splashes over the crowd, and thick clouds of boiling black smoke quickly fill the space.
Some of the (un)lucky few who escaped the initial blast run away.
Most, either sensing a well-cooked meal or realizing this will end the agonizing hunger, dive into the center of the holocaust.
In one strike, the National Guard have eliminated about 3/4 of the population of [REDACTED].
I've been working frantically for the past day, trying to find a way to protect myself from possible infection. I can't think "if" anymore: those idiots out there will see me at some point and launch an extraction. I've seen enough horror movies to know how catastrophically it will fail, and how likely I will be to have highly-trained, inhibition-impaired, hungry, rapid-healing killers at my door.
Yes, I'm a pessimist.
I know now how we got to this point, and I have the entire sequence ciphered out. My meatbots were part of a power struggle within the group, and were weaponized purely by circumstance.
First, Dr. A. He got in to the GATACA compiler and dropped his little brain bomb in the code. Hidden in the "comments" in the DNA (we had plenty of space to put messages in the DNA, and did so frequently to explain why Sequence 8c, for example, was written to repair a long muscle in a certain manner, rather than another) was his excuse:
Dr. A: By the time you read this, you will no longer head this project. If I can strike quickly and "prove" that you bungled the neuro programming, I can capitalize and run this program as I see fit. Some people aren't worth saving. Others should be reprogrammed for the greater good.
Dr. B followed this up by checking out the endocrine codes and cranking hunger to 1000. His excuse:
Dr. B: Need more. We can fund this by selling the old versions on the black market, and keep the excess for ourselves.
Profiteering, meet societal re-engineering.
It might have gone almost unnoticed, except for player 3.
Late in the project, I had an assistant basically forced on me. Dr. C was also a computer scientist, come to us from government service. He said the right things, asked the right questions, and made himself indispensable.
What I didn't know until last night was, he was a military contractor on the side, and was looking for combat applications for the 'bots.
He knew what the other fuckwits had done, and instead of fixing it...
It was he who showed Bobby the "Jesus room" (he used a different name for each guard, knowing they would be impressed with what was within). He managed to get a copy of Steve's key card to the most pliable guards, then waited for the inevitable.
He got very lucky (or unlucky) that we had just begun to prep for primate trials when Bobby's wife died. He had the "perfect" weaponized version of my project, and its spread was the perfect test.
I know this because the dumb fucker emailed his superiors on a civilian email account.
The NSA grabbed him up rapidly after that. He's sitting in Guantanamo Bay, if there's any justice.
What I've learned in the past 48 hours is sickening.
When I was a kid, I read Frankenstein several times. Mary Shelley shares my birthday, so it's like we're soul mates separated by 200 years.
I always told myself, "Don't let hubris be your downfall. You're doing this for mankind. You're not playing God... you're doing God's work, if we really are created in His/Her image."
This has never been about doing it because we could. It's doing it because we need this... to save lives cut too short by disease or accident.
Do this now, decide later how it should be used. That was always the mission.
Now... now, I'm using my knowledge of chemistry to destroy my life's work. I know what to mix for the best explosives I can make given what I have on hand. The labs we've been working will be utterly annihilated.
There's no way this project gets out. They aren't ready.
They aren't worthy.
Before I do that, though, I am going to call several people and let them know what happened. I am going to tell the press why my malignant miracle is being denied to the world.
NOW I'm playing God.
I've already made several vials of my counter-bots and hid them on my person. They're untested, but better than the alternative.
I may have a way to sneak off-campus, and from there I have a possible way to get out of town. It's going to involve laying low after the powers-that-be order a full sweep and cleanup of the bot-ridden, which I fully expect in a week or so.
I did some very rough calculations. Fatty tissues have probably all been digested by now. Protein can be burned for energy, and some of it will be consumed by each repair and replication cycle. I figure that, in 3 or 4 more days, there won't be enough metabolic energy to drive a flea left in anyone with meatbots in their blood.
Before I do anything else, though... time for a smoke.
I head up to the roof, and take a deep breath... then step to the wall and puke as the foul reek of thousands of roasting bodies pours into my sinuses.
I won't be eating barbecue any time soon.
By some dark miracle, I puke right on a bot-ridden at the base of the building. He looks up, then begins licking the vomit off of himself.
Didn't need to see that.
I move away from the wall. I fumble a smoke from the pack, and light up with very shaky hands.
I also crack the seal on the cheap водка I found in a lab assistant's office and take a deep swig. I dislike the cheap stuff... it has this nasty chemical aftertaste.
All of this is distracting me from the little fucker I puked on, who is free-climbing the wall.
I catch the barest hint of movement out of the corner of my eye as he crests the retaining wall and leaps 20 feet across the roof to tackle me.
I drop the водка and spin quickly to meet him. I'm unarmed, because "Of course they can't get to me. I'm behind two locked doors!" and this is going to kill me...
...and it gets close enough for me to see that "he" is a "she," and she's emaciated and nothing but bone, skin and wiry muscle and hunger and fuck I'm going to have to punch a girl to save my life as I loop a right cross straight into her oncoming jaw, and she drops to the roof...
...and I grab my водка and run for the door as she scrambles to her feet and makes the sprint after me with frightening speed, and I stop and duck as she comes at my back and misses her grab and I stand up straight into her jaw and she staggers backwards...
...and I spin around and plant a solid left into her gut and she doubles over but she has a grip on my back and can't bite through my shirt but I stand up straight and she flips over my back to the ground at my heels...
...and I spin again and kick her in the head and she grabs her head and it gives me just enough time to get to the door and open it...
...but she's on her feet and after me and through the door just as I pull it shut and now I'm in the stairwell to the second floor with a crazed bot-ridden woman who lunges for me... I throw her over the railing and she hangs on barely and I'm running down the stairs and to the second floor entryway and through the door...
...and she drops from the railing and down all the way to the first floor and I hear the CRACK-CRACK of both of her legs snapping on impact and she screams in agony but she's up on both broken legs and trying to limp up the stairs...
...and the door to the second floor closes on the stairwell.
I'm now trapped in the building with a for-now injured bot-ridden.
Oh... and my knuckles are bleeding.
I may be infested as well.
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Legal Issues Surrounding Cryptocurrency Mining Operations

Transcribed from:
So I was asked today in regards to the Bitcoin mining operation, what are the legal applications and legal concerns that you need, if you wanted to start a mining application. So just thinking about what a mining operation really is is that you’re solving these complex algorithms. It’s all dependent on your computing power. And effectively all that’s happening from a technical standpoint is you are adding records to the blockchain, and it’s quite a big [inaudible 00:00:43] to get yourself into a cryptocurrency.
From that perspective, there’s inherently nothing wrong with it. Cryptocurrency is property in some places. And some places it’s commodity. Bitcoin’s commodity here in the United States. So it’s not inherently the process by itself. There really isn’t many legal implications. I would say if there are issues, such like as places like Iceland where it’s illegal to convert the local currency to Bitcoin. Or places like Russia where it’s just banned.
Obviously if cryptocurrency is banned, or there’s decided regulation of cryptocurrency then your ability to buy cryptocurrency is also going to be an issue. So, that’s something to consider. Now, if you’re going to start a mining operation for purposes of raising money, and then developing that operation, obviously Securities Laws could be applied. Even maybe Commodities Laws, depending on what you’re mining. Obviously you’re going to set that up much like you would a hedge fund, where you have the mining operation and the specific investments and offers a kind of return. And in those cases you’re most likely going to have to follow Regulation D and issue some sort of partnership interest and go through the whole [inaudible 00:02:01] of fund 504, 505, or 506 of Reg D, which relates to the amount of money that you can raise, how you can raise that money. And the whole accredited, non accredited investment.
Because if you’re going to do a 505, you’re stuck at $5 million max raised, and you can sell to only 35 unaccredited investors, whereas if you do a 506 which is any amount of money, you can’t sell to non accredited. So you have to consider that if you’re doing a mining operation, it’s not like an ICO where the ICO, we can define that token being sold as not meeting security, being outside the ambient of Securities Laws.
This is decided when you’re talking about mining. It’s decidedly it’s own enterprise. It’s the entity that is controlling the mining is also the one that’s soliciting the investment. The investment would undoubtedly have to be some kind of common stock partnership interest. And vice versa. So, that’s definitely something to consider.
Another thing to consider, and there’s really a whole law about this, is that the CFTC, the Commodity Future Trade Commissions come out and declared, and did it some years ago now, that Bit coin is a commodity. So if you are in fact doing your Bit Coin mining operation, the question becomes are you structuring a hedge fund of sorts, or entity of sorts? Or is that more of a commodity? And do you need licensure as a commodity trading device? I think where this falls apart is the CFTC has never defined Bit Coin to be a Futures Contract, or a swap, or some sort of currency option.
So, while sort of in a long term scale said Bit coin is a cryptocurrency, it hasn’t actually defined what type of … I’m sorry, Bit coin as a commodity, the CFTC hasn’t defined what type of commodity it really is. So there’s this vast, vast hole that it really needs to be addressed. It’s not necessarily going to be addressed in the context of a mining operation. Likely to look at it as sort of the Bit coin ETF, or Bit coin child hedge fund. But it’s something they need to consider, because you may have some securities obligations, but there may be an implication regarding the Commodities Act. If you’re going to be operating [inaudible 00:04:40] which is a commodity. So, I’ll post this up on my website,,, and I’ll talk to you later.
If you have any questions regarding crypto mining, be sure to contact attorney Adam S. Tracy.
A former competitive rugby player, serial entrepreneur and, trader, attorney, Adam S. Tracy offers over 17 years of progressive legal and compliance experience in the areas of corporate, commodities, cryptocurrency, litigation, payments and securities law. Adam’s experience ranges from commodities trader for oil giant BP, initial public offerings, M&A, to initial coin offerings, having represented both startups to NASDAQ-listed entities. As an early Bitcoin adapter, Adam has promoted growth of cryptocurrency and offers a unique approach to representing crypto-clients. Based in Chicago, IL, Adam graduated from the University of Notre Dame with dual degrees in Finance and Computer Applications and would later obtain his J.D. and M.B.A. from DePaul University. Adam lives outside Chicago with his six animals, which is illegal where he lives.
Primary website: Twitter: Youtube: Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: @adamtracyattorney Telegram: @adam_tracy Skype: @adamtracyesq Email me: [email protected]
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Using 7 BLOCKCHAIN Strategies Like The Pros

Blockchain, the innovative technology that became famous by Bitcoin and other cryptographic coins, has become a watchword in the technology and business sectors. Many industry giants, from Microsoft to IBM, made huge investments in the blockchain, suggesting that it could become an integral part of business development. As a small business owner, you may be wondering how you can use blockchain technology. In this article, I'll discuss five potential blockchain uses in your business. But first, let's quickly see what a chain of blocks is and why we consider using it.
What is a blockchain?
Processing img tulkvv47cg031...
A blockchain is a digital list of records protected by advanced encryption. The data in a blockchain is divided into blocks called blocks. Each block in the chain includes a cryptographic hash on the previous block, which essentially means that each block is very well connected to the previous block.

Since each block refers to the block that precedes it, switching to a single block also requires changing each block after the target block to ensure that the blocks always refer correctly. This structure makes blockchains extremely difficult, if not impossible, to modify the blocks added once.

Its resistance to modification is the reason why blockchain are so useful. Blockchain are really good for use cases that require accurate time. Each data block includes a date and time record, which means that blockchain are inherently linear in the way they store the data. Therefore, Blockchains offers businesses an unchanging record of data over time.

Now that we know what a blockchain is and what its strengths are, we can talk about possible applications in the real world of your business.

  1. Paperwork and Recordkeeping:
The most obvious application for block chains in business is paperwork and record keeping. Contracts, correspondence, proposals, memos, receipts and other documents can be digitally stored in a chain of blocks, which gives companies a clear picture of what happened and when. The advantage of a blockchain in traditional servers, in this case, is to ensure that the data has not been modified by malicious agents.
Several large companies use blockchains for this purpose. One such company is IBM, which has partnered with industry leaders including UPS, FedEx and Maersk, all members of Blockchain in the Transportation Alliance. Shipping companies quickly realized that blockchain technologies were a natural solution for keeping cargo status records transparent and up-to-date. In particular, the blockchain must be an effective means of document management, which currently suffers from administrative errors and fraud.

  1. Transaction Histories:
Since the blockchain was first introduced as the basis of Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies, it is not surprising that block chains are also useful for maintaining transaction history. In the case of Bitcoin, the blockchain acts as a public record of all transactions on the network. Everyone can access the book and clearly show each transaction as it goes.
Blockchain is distributed, meaning that it is not held by any trusted entity. Instead, it is maintained by a network of nodes that validate each of the blockchain independently. Once a block is added, each node updates its personal copy of the blockchain. Nodes communicate with each other to ensure consensus on the blockchain's accuracy. Concurrent transactions or event sequences are canceled if they conflict with the majority registry. This structure allows Bitcoin to achieve one of its founder's main objectives: to ensure a precise transaction history without relying on a trusted third party (such as a bank) to play the role of validator.
Implementing a chain of blocks in your small business to track transaction history may not require such a decentralized structure. Instead, a blockchain could serve as a detailed record of debts and credits, which again would benefit from the assurance that the data can no longer be falsified after they have been entered.

  1. Supply Chain Management and Quality Control:
Another innovative use of blockchain technology is supply chain management and quality control. Walmart, for example, has partnered with IBM to use blockchain as a method to manage supply chains to and from their stores. Walmart products make a lot of stops between the manufacturer and the stores, and these stops offer many potential points of failure. This refers particularly to food products, which may be contaminated by bacteria and other diseases. In collaboration with IBM, Walmartis developing a blockchain that would track all stages between the producer and the stores, allowing you to track any product to its source in just seconds.
Possible applications of this include reducing the risk of E. coli epidemic by drawing a product on the farm from which it comes. A preliminary test of this application showed that the system could follow every step to produce a bag of mango slices in about 2 seconds, a process that would have brought the company 6 days with the previous technology.
Small businesses could use block chains in the same way as a powerful quality control tool. If a product sold by your company does not meet quality standards, finding the point of failure can be as simple as entering the product serial number and investigating the intermediate steps of your production.

  1. Coordinating with Other Businesses:
The speed, accuracy and security of block chains make them very useful for companies in industries that require effective coordination with other companies. One such industry is air transport.
Airports and airlines rely heavily on simplified data exchange to keep flights on schedule and keep traffic flowing. Sometimes, however, there are gaps in coordination. According to Kevin O'Sullivan, senior engineer at SITA, an airline technology company, each company maintains its own flight database and often does not share relevant information with all parties involved. "Separate copies tend to be out of sync" and the results can be expensive.
Last year, British Airways, in partnership with London's Heathrow airport, Geneva and Miami international airports, participated in an experiment called FlightChain, during which the different parties joined their flight data into a shared blockchain. The result was a unique database that secured complete and unquestionably true information. A shared registry like this has the potential to significantly reduce confusion and ensure smooth coordination in the airline industry.
Companies in sectors that require similar coordination could also benefit from investing in a shared blockchain. Keeping all the parts on the same page can help a lot in preventing problems that negatively affect your customers. And in case of coordination failure, the blockchain can serve as an unchanging record to hold the appropriate parties accountable.

  1. Decentralized data storage:
Finally, the ability of block strings to be protected by a network of nodes, rather than a single server, makes them useful as a decentralized method of data storage. Decentralization has several advantages over traditional server-based data storage.
On the one hand, a decentralized network will not have downtime due to server failures. Each node saves a complete copy of all data. Therefore, if a single node loses power or experiences other technical failures, the data will still be accessible from other nodes in the network. In other words, there is not a single point of failure that could lead to a service outage.
Decentralized data storage is also useful for increased data security. Data stored on a single server can be manipulated because there are no alternative data records for comparison. On the other hand, each node of a decentralized network maintains an independent copy of the network data. In case of a conflict in data records between nodes, for example, if a malicious actor can edit the blockchain on a single node, the other nodes in the network can replace the damaged registry. Decentralization makes blockchains incredibly safe even harder to compromise.

Below are some of the best-known ways to generate income with Blockchain

  1. Mining bitcoin:
The extraction of Bitcoin was relatively simple and the first miners managed to extract thousands of Bitcoins using their personal computer. However, in today's highly competitive and highly volatile market, miners buy expensive parts of computers that the consumer has little access to, which gives them greater processing power to exploit more complex algorithms. . Since this is a race that can solve the blockages more quickly, the miners join what we call mining groups, where they combine their processing capacity to solve each transaction first. The reward comes mainly from the expenses of several children, so they are shared by the members of the group.

  1. Help others, get tipped in bitcoin:
You can also get advice on bitcoins by helping other people. One of the most notable platforms in this regard is the bitfortip, a trick that encourages bitcoins to help people. Bitcoin is a new technology and there are people who are really passionate and enthusiastic about what will follow. Incentives like these help create a positive atmosphere in the community and also help people solve their problems.

Bonus: Gambling Bitcoins:
While this is not recommended for anyone, if you are self-aware enough, the Bitcoin gaming market can be a good source of income. Like any form of gambling, people usually lose and casinos keep earning, but as the bitcoin game is almost inaudible, you can get a great bonus for your membership or even several rounds of your environment. Sites like Bitstarz and mbit are the main players in the gaming industry.

These are just five potential uses of blockchain in business and ways to generate income. Because blockchain is still a very new technology (bitcoin and blockchain were first introduced in 2009), blockchain uses will continue to grow as more and more companies and developers start working with it. If one of these uses is suitable for your business depends on many factors that only you know. Those of you seeking to keep your business at the forefront of technology would do well to consider the blockchain.
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Writing Project Charlie I

I know I’m required to write this down, otherwise I might be here forever. Let me apologize for any errors, confusion, nausea or vomiting, epileptic seizures, trouble sleeping, or any other side affects you may experience from reading this novel. If someone appears in your dreams claiming to be me, please notify the nearest member of the Mushroom Cult. An imposter armed with Twitter bots is on the loose. Be warned, he only has ill intentions.
Okay, here I go.
I was wandering through the woods when that gang of minion bears ambushed me. Honestly, if this whole thing is anyone’s fault, it’s those responsible for my false imprisonment, and that damn lawyer for drafting me into the labor force. Maybe then, we could have avoided the whole apocalyptic end-of-the-world situation.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
There I was walking peacefully, lawfully, and responsibly through the woods. I don’t remember walking into any woods, and I know for a fact there are none in the area I live in. I just suddenly found myself strolling under the thick ceiling of these large pine trees. It was as if I had just woken up and started walking.
What I do remember is avidly enjoying myself in my new-found surroundings, the scent of pine was thick. There was a cool breeze that made the air comfortable. Sunlight could barely penetrate the trees, and a low fog added to the mystic of these woods. Pine needles crunched under every step I took.
I was drifting aimlessly through these woods observing the trees. I touch one of the trunks, and my eyes followed it to the top. The unusually wide branches made it impossible to see the top of the tree. It seemed to stretch on forever. I could barely see the sky. The voices in my head whispered, this place was extremely curious.
I moved past the tree, and stopped to observe a growth, not twenty feet from the base of tree I had touched.
I bent down. What was growing was a short mushroom, maybe three inches tall. It was bright red, with white spots dotting the top. It shined in the darkness of the woods, reflecting any sunlight that was strong enough to reach the ground.
It was beautiful. The voices in my head became exuberant; they all agree I should pick it up. As I went down to pluck it from the earth, just before I touched it, a sharp cry, in a language I could not understand, pierced the air.
I turned around. There were six bears. Well, at least I assumed they were bears. All of them were under three feet tall. If Chewbacca had married a midget, sorry, little person, these guys would be their children. As hilarious as they looked, they were all fully armed with swords, metal body-armor, and helmets. I froze, puzzled, meeting their gaze. What I assumed was the leader was one-step in front of the other bears with his paw extended pointing at me.
I wasn’t all that surprised by that sight. I’ve seen a lot, and I mean A LOT, of strange things. This event made more sense to me than what I’d had for breakfast that morning, which I hadn’t remembered eating.
Five second pasted in this standoff. Tension was building in the air. The leader never lowered his paw, and again bellowed that God-awful cry.
I made a face of disgust. This was obnoxious and annoying. It was really putting a damper on my whole nature/forest experience.
“Right back at you buddy.” I said, giving him the finger. I turned back down to pick up the mushroom, that I was sure was trying to give me all the answers to the universe. The moment its stem left the soil, all hell broke loose.
“AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!” chanted the bears.
As I turned back around, they charged me from a distance of thirty feet. Not once did their chant cease.
Before I had a chance to run, brace myself, or even pocket the magic mushroom, the gang of bears jumped on me. Knocking the mushroom and me to the ground, causing my head to bounce off of a tree root. That hurt, I’m pretty sure I was bleeding. The voices in my head were down for the count.
These toddler-sized furries were now crawling all over my body. One of these annoying little pricks was right in my face holding down my shoulders chanting, “AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!” Its breath fogged up my glasses. The whole time they were tying me up with a rope. I got really annoyed with the bear in my face, and started chanting back at him, “AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!” I yelled back at him much more forcefully. He scurried down my body away from my face.
Before I had even a minute to realize what was going on, the bears had me completely tied up. They left a loose end of rope at my feet so they could drag me.
The leader started speaking gibberish in a very authoritative tone. The persistent chanting stopped. He was now barking orders at his subordinates, who quickly jumped to action. All six bears were now dragging me over their shoulders with the leader taking the front.
Apparently, they have a chant for dragging people that is different from their attack chant.
The leader started it off, “MA! MA! MA! MA! MA!” The rest of the bears followed suit in cadence. They began to pull me.
I didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to give these heathens any satisfaction for their work. I worked my hands out of the rope enough to stick both of my middle fingers up. The bears had no reaction to my gesture.
Occasionally, I would do my best to throw off their chanting rhythm. I would yell, “MA!” at instances where it wouldn’t line up with the rest of the chant. It worked a little, a couple of those savages got thrown off and confused.
I stared up at the roof of the woods. I still couldn’t see the tops of the trees and could hardly see the color of the sky. I think it was pink.
The small, hairy militia pressed on. I lost track of time, but eventually I could see the sky, it was pink. I was out of the woods. I could no longer feel pine needles drag under my back, soft grass had taken its place. The trees had disappeared.
From the ground, I hadn’t a clue where I was, or what my surroundings consisted of, but after my imprisonment, in later events, I got a lay of the land.
I had been brought into the realm ruled by the power known as the Toilet Wizard, ruler of the bears. (It is unknown to me why the Toilet Wizard is called such a thing, or why he is the ruler of the bears. It is said he is undefeated in Wii Sports Bowling, with a record of 456-0.)
The Toilet Wizard’s domain consisted of a circular clearing, surrounded by a wall of trees. The circle had a diameter of about half a mile. In the center was a hill where a small castle, about the size of a small supermarket, sat on top. It was square, with four towers in each corner. It was made of an ancient gray stone.
I of course at the time knew none of this. I just knew six armed bears, who were now dragging me up hill, had kidnapped me, which I assumed was due to the mushroom.
Once at the top of the hill, the bears stopped their chant. They had brought me to the portcullis of the castle. Which is just the gate. It was currently raised.
The bears stood me up, and in one motion, freed me of my bondage. Before I could enjoy my freedom, four new bears appeared and worked quickly to restrain my wrists behind my back. Two bears then grabbed my arms and led me inside the castle.
We immediately took a right. The ceiling was low, and the hallway was dark. The only source of light was the small ember emitted from the torches hanging on the walls.
The walk down the hallway took forever. The castle wasn’t that big, like I said before, it was about the size of a small supermarket, but we walked straight down that hallway for six hours. I remember glancing at my watch for only a second before being restrained. It had been 4:10pm when we began the walk. By the time we approached a small wooden door at the end of the hall, and I had been tossed into their dungeon, it was 10:13pm.
I had been more or less shoved into this dark, windowless room. Like the hallway, only torches hung on the walls. I was laying on my face trying to recover from being thrown into prison. Luckily, the bears had removed my restraints before locking the door with a loud bolt.
My feet ached from the walk so I sat against the stone wall. At this point I noticed I had two dungeon mates. One was obviously a knight, dressed in full chainmail armor, and had a helmet that hid his face. I thought he looked like he could’ve had a role in Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. He sat with his back against the back wall of the room.
The other prisoner was a full-grown minotaur. He was sitting down, but he looked like he was easily seven feet tall. He only wore a clump of furs and leathers held in place by a giant metal belt around his waist. His upper body was massive, rippling with muscles, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. The horns of his bull head were sharp and curved. His snout was pierced with a gold ring. He sat adjacent to the knight, his legs criss-crossed.
“What’s up?” asked the Minotaur, his voice sounded surprisingly human. He sounded like he could have easily had said to me, “Hi, welcome to Chili’s.”
“Hey” I said with a quick wave. I cracked a smile. I was hoping my time spent in this dungeon wouldn’t lack good conversation.
“I’m Dave.” said the Minotaur, pointing to himself. “That’s Groggoniche.” He pointed at the knight.
“Russ” I said pointing at myself
Groggoniche gave a casual wave, but he didn’t say anything.
“What are you in for?” asked Dave.
“Taking a walk, picking mushrooms I guess.” I said casually. “What about you?”
“Unpaid parking tickets.” Dave looked a little embarrassed, but threw his hooves up as if to imply, “What are you gonna do?”
“Bummer, what about you man?” I motioned towards Groggoniche.
“I got stopped again last night coming home from an office party. This is my fifth DUI, I’m fairly certain they’ll bathe me in fire again.” Groggoniche said this very grimly.
“It happens to the best of us.” assured Dave.
“Where you from?” asked Groggoniche.
“Dallas” I replied.
Groggoniche laughed, “Ha ha, I’m sorry.”
I was offended, and became defensive, “Why? Where are you from?”
Groggoniche chuckled again and said smoothly, “Ha ha ha not Dallas.”
“Oh.” I said flatly.
Dave, in an effort to reignite conversation, asked, “Does anyone watch Game of Thrones?”
Before I could even comment, a whole army of bears had charged the dungeon door. They were like angry ants, moving in unison.
“Oh great.” said Groggoniche, sinking his head.
The bears swarmed us. Chanting in gibberish as usual. We were all led out of the dungeon and into the hall. It was a frenzy of fast paced chanting as we were walked down the hall. This time the trip only took around thirty seconds.
We turned left and were chaperoned into a large courtroom. The light was surprisingly bright. The carpet was gray; the whole room was furnished in a polished pine, assumedly cut from the surrounding forest. The “ceiling”, if it could even be called that, had no light fixtures, it was like staring up into space. I could see stars and constellations, and I even saw a comet whip by from the far corner of the room. The entire universe seemed over-head.
The jury box consisted of bears of all sizes. Some smaller than the ones who attacked me, and some larger than grizzly bears. They roared and hissed as the three of us made our way down the aisle.
We sat at a table before the judge. A plaque posted on the front of the judge’s bench read, “THE HONORABLE TOILET WIZARD. RULER OF WEST WUSSELLWAND. CHAMPION OF WII SPORTS BOWLING.” Sitting in the seat was a short old man in a purple bathrobe, his skin pale and worn. His hair and beard were a sharp, silver, long, and unkempt. He wore wire-framed glasses that were hidden under the shade of his tall blue wizard hat. He seemed incredibly agitated with the three of us. His icy stare seemed to cut through us as we took our seats. Tension was building, and I began to sweat.
After three minutes of the silent, agitated gaze from the Toilet Wizard, and the continuous uproar of the bear jury, our lawyer appeared.
The doors swung open dramatically, making a loud banging noise. A middle-aged man, wearing a navy-blue wetsuit, began power walking down the aisle to where the three of us sat.
“I’m so sorry your Honor” began the man, “those damned school kids held me up again.”
The Toilet Wizard let out an impatient huff. He was not at all amused with me, Dave, Groggoniche, or this estranged man who was late because he was being mugged by schoolchildren.
Our lawyer opened his palm towards the Toilet Wizard, fingers extended, “Five minutes, please! Let me council my clients.”
The Toilet Wizard motioned his hand forward, looked up annoyed, he hated being there.
The man shook each one of our hands, he seemed to be in a hurry. “How ya doing boys, I’m here to get you out of this. All you boys have to do is follow my lead; no one is going to get eaten by the Pit Lizard on my watch!”
“What?” exclaimed Dave. Panic flashed across his bull shaped face. He was trembling. Groggoniche dropped his head at this talk of the Pit Lizard.
“Hey!” yelled back our lawyer. “Don’t you worry; you’re all going to be just fine!” He pulled out three cards, and handed us each one. “I’m a professional!”
I looked at the card. It read, “Richard Waterpants, Attorney at Law. Specializing in Pit Lizard Defense.” I had no idea what a Pit Lizard was, but based on the looks of Dave and Groggoniche, I really hoped that Attorney Waterpants knew his stuff.
“Everything we need to get you out of this is in this briefcase.” Attorney Waterpants slammed a briefcase, that I had not noticed he was carrying, onto the table. “By the end of this, all four of us will be drinking Pomegranate La Croix on the beaches of the Magenta Sea.” He seemed extremely confidant, which lifted my spirits, and ended my sweat.
“Why are we all being charged together? What am I being charged for?” I demanded to know.
Our lawyer chuckled, “Yeah, right, like you don’t know. All I can say is I’m really glad I’m not you.” He slapped me on the back. “All three of you are being tried together because it’s the end of the year. The Toilet Wizard is trying to get everyone through the system. It’s either get tried together, or run out of time and face the Pit Lizard without trial.” He pointed at me authoritatively, “They’re doing you a favor pal.”
The Toilet Wizard spoke in a language I could not understand. His face red, we had obviously exceeded his patience.
“What is he saying?” I whispered to my attorney.
Waterpants’ face turned white, “You can’t understand him? Oh Christ!”
He reached into his pocket and pulled out something wrapped in cling-wrap.
He quickly unwrapped the plastic. What was inside was absolutely horrid. It appeared to be a PB and J sandwich, only it was green, dotted with mold, and it reeked of what smelled like gasoline. As I opened my mouth to ask questions, Waterpants shoved the whole thing into my mouth, and made me chew it.
I nearly puked, but I managed to swallow it. The room began to spin; the voices in my head were in a panic. I was sure I was going to fall out of my chair. I grabbed the edge of the table to keep myself grounded.
After about thirty seconds of this misery, the room began to focus. The voices silenced. I could hear the jury. They no longer spoke their gibberish language, “FEED THEM TO THE PIT LIZARD!” they cried.
The Toilet Wizard banged his gavel, “Enough of this delay! The Pit Lizard grows hungry!” The jury box cheered at this statement.
“Your Honor,” began Waterpants, “my clients are being held on charges that should be considered criminal!”
“They are criminals!” yelled the Toilet Wizard. “The knight is being charged with his fifth DUI this year!”
Groggoniche crossed his arms and shrugged.
“The Minotaur hasn’t paid a single parking ticket since 2005!” The Toilet Wizard pointed his gavel at Dave.
Dave looked embarrassed. The Toilet Wizard then turned his attention towards me.
“And you!” his angry gaze was sharp and pierced my soul, “You stand accused by the World Window of bringing eminent destruction to the entire Realm of Wussellwand!” There was an uproar from the jury following this statement. I hadn’t a clue to what I had just been accused of.
“My client is completely ignorant of this accusation!” Waterpants sprang quick to my defense. “He was found wandering in the woods, causing no harm or destruction!”
“Trespassing! He was trespassing! Not only that, but on my domain!” The Toilet Wizard was fuming. “Regardless of his current or past intentions, the World Window has spoken! To question the World Window is a crime punishable by Pit Lizard as well!” The Toilet Wizard bent down behind the bench, and emerged with a computer monitor. Silence fell within the court.
He faced the monitor towards the court, and slowly, Windows 95 began to boot up on the screen. After a long pause, that seemed to last an eternity, a desktop with a background picture of the Toilet Wizard in sunglasses on a beach appeared. There was only one icon on the screen. A word document.
The Toilet Wizard clicked on the document file. The file opened a page with a single line, typed in comic sans, number twelve font, “Russ Jackson will cause the apocalypse ;)” I was wildly confused. The jury gasped. My lawyer turned white.
“Indisputable evidence!” the Toilet Wizard swung his arm back and forth punctuating each word. “What say you?” The Toilet Wizard slammed his hands a top the bench, red with rage.
“One last piece of evidence, your Honor!” Waterpants was sweating as he faced the briefcase to open towards the Toilet Wizard. He flicked open the case. The only thing inside was a crumbled-up piece of paper with “Lol No he didn’t” written in sharpie.
There was a roar of fury from the jury; they simply could not cope with this somehow groundbreaking evidence. My lawyer smiled weakly at the Toilet Wizard.
The Toilet Wizard snarled his face in disgust. “And where did this so called ‘evidence’(He used air quotes around “evidence”) come from?”
“From the high prophet Bernicus, leader of the Mushroom Cult, reigning world champion of Rock Band.” Waterpants seemed desperate.
“Bernicus” pondered the Toilet Wizard, leaning back in his chair, “these are his words?”
“Yes!” cried Waterpants. “Upon the trespass arrival of the human” he pointed towards me, “the prophecy was declared.”
“The World Window and Bernicus conflict!” announced the Toilet Wizard, spreading his arms wide. “There is much to be considered! I must ponder this!” the Toilet Wizard closed his eyes and began to rub his temples. Silence once again fell upon the court.
After ten minutes of silence and self-reflection, the Toilet Wizard sprang to life. “Labor!” declared the Toilet Wizard. “The human, among these two other heathens, will not be fed to the Pit Lizard!” The jury let out a very disappointed cry. “Fret not!” cried the Toilet Wizard, “the human, the knight, and the minotaur, will all work within the southern BitCoin mines for the next one-hundred years! Death will not come to any of them! Hard labor will prevent them from any wrong doings!”
“Yes!” said our lawyer, putting his fist in the air in victory. As long as we weren’t fed to the Pit Lizard he considered it a win. “Pleasure serving you boys and good luck!” he shook each one of our hands again, grabbed his briefcase, and sprinted out of the courtroom, with his flippers slapping the ground.
Dave and Groggoniche look sick. They were not as thrilled by the verdict as Waterpants was. Groggoniche sank his head, Dave looked like he was going to be sick. I was sweating again.
“The chances we survive the first week of working the mines are slim, I’d feel better taking my chances with the Pit Lizard.” said Dave.
Groggoniche let out a sigh, “Man I really wish they’d just peel my skin off, like they promised to do last time.”
“Rise!” demanded the Toilet Wizard, pointing at us. We all stood to attention. A gang of bears entered the court. “Take these workers to the Southern Stop! Issue them chariots to aid in their journey!” The bears seized us, and we were taken out of the court.
Although I knew I could understand the bears, they said nothing as we walked down the dark hall into an even darker room. The room was pitch black. I had no idea how big the room actually was.
A bear flipped on a light switch, a spotlight shone in the center of the room. Three BMX bikes were sitting under the light.
“Chariots” said one of the bears pointing towards the bikes. Another bear approached us with a piece of paper in his hand. He gave it to Groggoniche.
“Map” said the bear tapping the paper in Groggoniche’s hand.
The “map” was a crudely drawn on notebook paper. There was a circle with a square in the center, which I assumed represented the Toilet Wizard’s domain. A line drawn in red marker snaked from the drawn square, to the lower right corner of the paper.
“Wait here.” said one final bear, pointing to the end of the red line, punctuated with an X. The bears then pushed us towards the bikes. Another bear hit a button on the wall that I had not previously seen, a garage door opened to the outside world.
In the distance, the trees stretched towards the sky, which was now blue. The grass was green and lush. We all mounted the bikes. I got the black one. I was thoroughly confused, but the voices in my head were calm.
“Go.” said the bears, pointing outside. Groggoniche peddled first, taking off down the hill. Dave and I were in close pursuit.
The sun was warm, and its rays highlighted the colors around us. The clouds above us rolled off into the distance. Our bikes rolled smoothly through the clearing. We neared the tree line and I watched Groggoniche disappear into the darkness of the woods. I followed closely behind along with Dave.
The darkness of the woods encompassed us. The ride became bumpy as we traversed roots and over growth. Groggoniche was gaining distance. Apparently, the knight was extremely skilled on a BMX bike. I did my best to keep up with him. Dave was struggling too. I could hear his breath become heavy as his powerful Minotaur legs peddled along.
After what felt like many hours, we reached a small clearing. Groggoniche stopped and let his bike fall to the ground. I was seconds behind him, and Dave soon followed. I was exhausted, struggling to catch my breath, sweat made my t-shirt stick to my skin, my glasses were fogging up from the heat radiating off my face.
“Where are we?” I asked. I looked around; the clearing wasn’t a perfect circle like the Toilet Wizard’s domain. It was an irregular shape. The trees made the area almost claustrophobic. The grass was just as green and as lush as the grass that grew near the castle. There was nothing here.
“Is this where the BitCoin mine is?” I asked confused, looking around.
“What? No.” said Groggoniche. “This is the bus stop that takes us there.”
“What bus stop?” I asked, I couldn’t see anything but grass and trees.
“The one right there.” Dave pointed behind me. I turned around. A red bench resting on concrete sat on the edge of the clearing, the sunlight seemed to reflect off it.
“We have to take a bus there?” I was puzzled. “What’s to stop us from taking these bikes somewhere else?” I gestured towards the bikes. They had disappeared.
“They’ve returned home.” said Groggoniche. “Besides, we’re still in the domain of the Toilet Wizard; he knows every move we make.” He pointed towards the trees. “They speak to him.” The wind blew, and the branches of each tree shook.
I shuddered at this. “What now?” I asked.
“We sit and wait.” said Dave. He and Groggoniche walked towards the red bench. I followed cautiously behind. The three of us crammed into the bench, it was a tight fit, but we were all seated. I was sandwiched in the middle.
Time slowed down. I stared up to the sky. The clouds were creeping at a slow pace above. The blue of the sky was slowly turning pink. I could see the planet Saturn become more and more visible.
The voices in my head were making inaudible whispers. I was tired from the trial and the journey. The world began to spin and I felt myself slowly drift to sleep. It felt as if a warm blanket had been wrapped around me. I was felt so serene.
As my eyelids dropped, Dave clapped in my face. “No!” he yelled at me. All sleepiness left my body. “Don’t fall asleep! You can’t live with the consequences!”
“What?” I couldn’t piece together what he was saying.
“He’s right.” said Groggoniche. I looked over at him he was leaning back, puffing on an e-cigarette through the holes on his helmet. He casually looked off in the distance.
“What flavor is that?” I pointed at his e-cig.
He turned his head towards me without saying a word and threw it over his shoulder. Before it hit the ground, it exploded with a loud crack!
“What the —” but before I could finish my sentence, our bus appeared.
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Edward Snowden on Bitcoin

From the IETF93 talk
So, the Bitcoin thing is – I mean this is – nobody really likes to talk about Bitcoin anymore. There are informed concepts there. Obviously, Bitcoin by itself is flawed. The protocol has a lot of weaknesses and transaction sides and a lot of weaknesses that structurally make it vulnerable to people who are trying to own 50 percent of the network and so on and so forth.
But when we think about the basic principles behind it, there are some very interesting things that particularly when we start to combine them with that idea like before of tokenization, of concepts like proof of work.
Are there other means through which people can basically pay for access other than direct transfers of currency that originated with an association to their true name?
The other ones are inaudible mixed in networks, for example, where we have multiple steps just like Tor where they got these mixed inaudible in the Bitcoin universe where they tumble the transactions of the Bitcoins that go in it to pay for your purchase aren't the same Bitcoins that go out.
But focusing too much on Bitcoin, I think, is a mistake. The real solution is again, how do we get to a point where you don't have to have a direct link between your identity all of the time? You have personas. You have tokens that authenticate each person and when you want to be able to interact with people as your persona in your true name, you can do so. When you want to be able to switch to a persona - a common persona, an anonymous persona, a shared persona, you can do that. When you want to move to pseudonymous persona, you can do that.
A lot of these are difficult problems particularly when we talk about the metadata context, the signalling context. And there are actually some really bad proposals, I think, and this is in no offense to anybody who works on these particular problem spaces, but again, it gets back to the middlebox space.
We've got proposals like SPUD, for example, where they wanna make UDP a new channel for leaking metadata about the user's intention. They want to be able to –
I get the feeling that there are a lot of people in the audience who are concerned about middleboxes. I didn't know...
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People aren't getting the words of the hour very often... here's the entire word-list!
incomposed vegetism walnut trampoline dropper noose glumpy aparithmesis ripely galoche accordment hatred impassibleness racecar lightbulb thimble microphone motor eleventy aspen apple banana phaser ringer telephone telegram beaded sweaty inherit wind camcorder shadow alarm liteoshi corned splinter llama igloo zerg zamboni loving discus roman greek latin lunar boulevard pirate limewire digibyte pencil lenovo ideapad thinkpad essential curtain leaves puppy tongue eyeball bark spleen thunderbird altoids instructions booklet lamp tetris atari gamecube asphalt surface microsoft train row column forwarded kerbal lithosphere asthenosphere corrected dogecoined shibetastic propeller sinning cutter slicer circle dumb optical eiffel springing sunset pistachio mustache garbonzo ethanpiedude alphabet zimbabwe oratory gazebo dogecoinery sadistic rapidhashing mooon moooon mooooon moooooon mun munar plane kilimanjaro everest flagging luminescent goodbye goodie spacing everyone censorship privately absolute controversy compromise wherever baconing sorry forgetting recipe another memecoin fedora aurora lazy yawn caused never generous infinite finite 100000000000 rave positive games squad defense raise force completely hoarder messaging moderator memeing different bobsled jamaica takeover hijack malaysia mudslide earthquake volcano chinese cryptsy jokecoin scamcoin tipper dogetipbot 1000 doge rotten scryptocurrency buying cornering scary terrifying miners laptops zilog integrate integration chipset solidity motherboard nascar impossible incoherent inaudible colorful language shibing shiber beiber justin killing attacking dumb idiot because formula powerpc macintosh floppy disks tape backups frontpages shiba hosting 9800 flappy lolling roflcopter 123456789 xkcd invisible bread buttersafe foxtrot dilbert google gold raspberry pi responded rolling mumzie floor wagging tail thumper broswing midnight notinteresting mildlyinteresting balancing actions movement projection opportunity potential investing cornering buyout moopay preluded kraken importance needing begging asking wanting wanton evil governing billymk3 umjackson cathyketh jose opposition rebellion allowance arthritis jokingly staph infection demoralize participation spreading forwarding tacocoins reddcoins fedoracoins whitecoins blackcoins usernames password private public addression fishing palindrome genuine shibeminted chocolate printers faxing ethernet excuse grabbing okay thanking yummy forevers gibberish glib glab blogosphere unrelated doge4water doge4kids saving twitching streaming scott manley ksp english spanish british accents foreign countries lands far wide fat humongous towers skyscraper keyboard mouse ninja karate kung-fu pandas sitting pondering thinking thinker sculpture artistic painting paintbrush pencil pen writing utensil fork knife spoon scoop halvening wallets money digital software computers computing supercomputer banned student harvard stanford yale princeton rice houston new york los angeles chicago illinois abraham lincoln airline doggy airlift berlin germany jewish religions christian churches cathedral stained glasses pretty beautiful ordinary personable quizzical test nvidia amd radeon 295 millions trillions billions thousands hundreds tens dozens dogecoinmemes dogecoineringers dictionaries keywordtippingbot keywordtipbots mohland moolah_ 42points autodoge supershibe bitcoinering litecoinering fedoracoinering pandasinspace pickels randomness anoniminity anonymous moose wildlife extinction buried dinosaurs velociraptor jurassic movies superman spiderman batman superhero superheroine shibette mandoge kidding just cause casus belli latinic europa universalis jupiter jool eeloo eve dres duna kerbin planetary fisheye camera covers clipping minecraft about yay! zowdie99 pieman2201 arbitrary scale engineer comical wobsite memory watermelon feather bird winged angel jesus christ gopher underground secrets givers orangutans monkeying playing messing nonsensical anywhere anyhow webcam power supply mousepad $1000 $1000000 $10 $3.14 3.14159265358979323 pies binary morse coders programming pythonic c++ javascript basically fortran felt sandpaper frying planner calendar cathedralingers porking porko d0gec0in h4x0rZ
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Work & VR - custom build or pre-built - 1.5k$

Ok, so I'm currently living in central Europe, I'm working partly from home and, after 6 months on my 17" 5-6 yo laptop, I'm done, I planned to buy a 34" screen (I'm dealing with a ton of doc and blueprints) and just use it with my laptop, but it seems idiotic (according to a geek colleague.)
Basically my bucket list is:
My budget is somewhere around $1,000-$1,500 without screens/vr.
I like the Gamer config in the sticky ( ) but, as the bitcoin craziness made the GPU prices go crazy high, is it achievable in my budget, or should I lower my expectations in term of GPU and buy a low end graphic card and change it later on?
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 220 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 45.2 Follow Lisa Page, Paul Manafort, and the EB5 Visas - YouTube
    • This is gonna go over comments
    • Again, day 45 part two and these are the comments I talked a lot about McCabe and moving to Chappaqua...
    • And all the power and crews and digging and pedestals and vaults and all the things that change up there
    • I thought geez it just looks like they're moving money out of Indonesia and Malaysia and European banks and offshore banks and and mining all the Bitcoin for Hillary to get--resources for the future
    • Hillary two ready for the getter treasure trove organized in Chappaqua for the big drive to the presidency
    • And it's amazing how when something just fits
    • How a lot of data comes together <<> from the DNC two Chappaqua
    • {{ 135 Castle Road. 15 Old House Lane shown on map unknown owner unknown city unknown state not a dox }}
    • The reason why I believe it moves from DNC to Chappaqua is the to operations are done
    • First operation is looting DCCC
    • The second operation is looting DNC, while there's still other candidates getting money then when you're done and you eliminate Bernie, then you you don't need to do that anymore, and you move the operations to Chappaqua
    • Again, you don't want your hackers being arrested
    • When they're exposed at DNC
    • When they're exposed at DCCC., they're there's an ability to get arrested
    • So it's the same reason why I think for the OIG hack of DHS
    • You come in with a team--I'm not saying Lisa Grafenstine, but somebody like that
    • You come in with a team, you say here's your vulnerability risk, we're gonna look and do all this vulnerability testing, we're gonna get it or download all these files
    • Now oops, I stole the Inspector General's laptop
    • Again, took it over to Hawkshead--and
    • Again, asking Andre Taggart, when the up I would remember when somebody came over to my house with an FBI raid
    • Ask Andre Taggart what day the FBI raid and the NCIS people came over, the Capitol police came over and got that
    • The OIG laptop
    • And I believe it's gonna be, I believe they stole an Inspector General's laptop
    • I'm not saying Lisa Grafenstine, but remember there was four laptops, and 20 Blackberries with government markings, and there was the toner
    • So I'm gonna say right now, I believe that was the DHS's OIG's laptop
    • So again, the Capitol police report would tell us, and there would be no reason to repress that if that wasn't true, correct?
    • So anyway I want to go through this and operations move DCCC DNC then Chappaqua
    • And I wanted to say that a--how does somebody live in New York and then their wife is running for Virginia?
    • I'm saying that McCabe is buying this house for the Awans to live at
    • I'm not saying Andrew McCabe is moving up there
    • I'm saying he's setting up this command center in it and if everything looks like a command center in Chappaqua
    • He's setting it up for the Awans to move up there
    • Now I'm not saying a Seth Rich doesn't come up there or--a satellite person like--Hina Alvi doesn't come up there as well
    • But I think--all these your satellite person
    • But the hacking team is gonna follow Imran okay
    • So anyway DCCC DNC those two operations are done, then you move everything to Chappaqua
    • Just based on metadata
    • And then--you only need to be up there a day or a weekend to buy the house and then you're back with your wife
    • So I think that's what happened
    • There's a lot of action right now inside
    • Now I made a mistake yesterday it wasn't Kislyak that died
    • It was chicken Churkin that died
    • So there's been like nine Russian ambassador's die
    • So he died right about a month later and I could conflated the two
    • So there was a correction there
    • Just to make sure you got that right
    • But I love Corrections
    • Because then people remember corrections better than they do if you said I was right
    • People hate to hear people say I was right
    • People love to hear people say I was wrong {{ 911: those are called trolls or h8rs }}
    • And I've corrected you and I love it
    • So so keep correcting me because it only reinforces a chicken died right after that
    • So it makes me think Chuck it's the guy that they did the deal with read Kissel yakked--it's just one thing after another
    • Now this is an interesting one I did last night with Lisa Page
    • Again, we're down to the people actually making the move
    • So once you get the actors then you can just follow their schedule around and just query their schedule and ask for discovery on their schedule and then ask him a questions around their schedule and Lisa Page as ubiquitous with this Stroeve Peter Strzok and she had this criminal offense over in Ohio and I said ,"hey, that really makes me think about Strongsville
    • Because I was in Strongsville that's where one of the Saipov trucking companies was that was where this creepy school was that was I thought ,"hey, there's this weird European center there that got raided by the FBI
    • So for ten years we have a color-of-law operation where we're bringing people into this Strongsville adoption agency
    • And if you read down a little bit farther, it's got all these kids from all these different countries from this running it for the State Department
    • Now that wouldn't be particularly significant (I'll read a little bit farther into this)
    • That that wouldn't be particularly significant if it wasn't for the fact the State Department says these European adoption consultants EAC European adoption consultants were from Bulgaria blah blah blah all these different countries, and then Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
    • Now I realize it's the last one, but this is the one that's the funnel for the Russian kids
    • What they're doing is they're given Russian kids and Russian families Ukrainian visas
    • So this was the Paul Manafort connection
    • And then and they're coming in and bringing them in through this Strongsville, Ohio
    • And it's out of the way we're nowhere else is this is where one of the Saipov trucking companies is
    • Why do I think the EB-5s are related to this, well a Saipov got 23 EB-5s
    • Saipov has a trucking company here in this in Strongsville
    • So that's why I think that--no other reason
    • Plus here where Stevie-Steve gets his hair cut, I went out there to where Stevie Steve this mass murderer who I thought was involved in killing the trucking folks down in Ohio, down this way a little bit
    • And he's right there he's right at right at this nexus right along with everybody else
    • He's also the guy at the Cleveland Clinic--when these visitors are coming in from UAE and Dubai in and Abu Dhabi
    • He's the one running between the children's center and--you know mentally handicapped kids are dying in their sleep, and then there's these successful heart operations the next day {{ 911: gross }}
    • So it's kind of like Stevie Steve and I went to his barbershop and I went to all these different barber shops and where the people were killed
    • And he just seems to be in the middle of it
    • Everything seems to rotate around Strongsville
    • Now the fact that Peter Strzok'a his dad has this kind of correspondent relationship with all these mullahs in nine different countries in the Arab countries leads me to believe that's the sales network--
    • I just--I know that's a--wild speculation but I just connected all the way from, "hey, all these different countries are the customers and all these Ukrainian kids are--being shopped out and they're meeting them here--somewhere out here at this creepy place"
    • They're meeting and say, 'yeah I want that one,' and then they're getting on the plane and then flying home--from from Cleveland International Airport
    • I'm not I'm not sure, but it's it just that you metadata screams that
    • Why is Lisa Page in a company with Paul Manafort
    • Why is she a partner in a company with Paul Manafort?
    • Why? Why would that be?
    • Now is that a nine or ten years sting I guess
    • So I guess it's a nine or ten years sting?
    • So anyway good comments sorry about the mistake about Churkin
    • The Lisa Page connection here some people said Lisa Page is a Mossad agent whatever
    • {{ 911: I think therefore I am Mossad }}
    • The Lisa Page connection here to to Paul Manafort is a very strong one
    • And I believe they're EB-5s
    • If like I said if Saipov didn't have a trucking company here
    • And it was Bright auto or something like that
    • And I had a car company I wouldn't say anything
    • He has another one in Cincinnati, which leads me to believe there's gonna be another funnel near Cincinnati
  • Day 45.3 Does Fusion GPS Have a Modus Operandi? - YouTube
    • It's Day 45 and this is part three and
    • Now our Mr. Akhmetshin's gonna come back into the story
    • Akhmetshin this is an ak-47 meeting your shin you remember back on days 260 something like that I was in Washington DC, talking about it Akhmetshin
    • I think it was in even before talking about the peepee dossier even before I had kind of brought Fusion GPS from kind of out behind it
    • So these are these cases right
    • Now what do we know about Akhmetshin?
    • Well he was the guy who went to the Trump Tower meeting I believe
    • Now Andrew McCabe is gonna be meeting with Glenn Simpson a Fusion GPS and a Akhmetshin and Veselnitskaya
    • They're gonna be planning this sneak attack on Donald Trump Jr.
    • They're gonna--they're gonna send them in
    • They're gonna send Veselnitskaya in say by this by this dossier, buy this dossiers, shop this dossier, much like Peter stroke shops the dossier in Congress in December of 2016 to try to do the anti-Trump thing right
    • So they're gonna shop this dossier Dom Trump jr. says yeah maybe--kind of and then somebody behind him says that's crazy
    • We're not gonna do that I think that's Jared Kushner
    • But somebody turns it down says this is crazy maybe it's a lawyer or something and it's not worth anything it throws it out
    • So there's no collusion and it's over with
    • So Akhmetshin's your setup guy
    • So what is he doing in these cases?
    • Well he's filing is what they call an "interested party",
    • And this is basically I'm gonna side with one of the two guys in the party here
    • So in this case there's an oil and there's a mineral case here in Washington DC
    • And then he sides with this one of the parties of the two parties
    • Now are they targeting different people?
    • Are they just picking a professor out of somewhere in one of their schools that supports Hillary to attack some friend of Vlad in Moscow to try to unhook some deal in Moscow?
    • Is that really what they're doing? Who knows
    • But let's look at this New York case, where let's see Ahkmetshin files, again, as an intervener, and just see if that's what's going on
    • Let's see modus operandi--we see a pattern developing
    • This is eggy here...this is a plaintiff it looks like
    • We're gonna see down here it's it's a movant somebody clear
    • They're gonna kick in something in this case and then there's this Zalmayev
    • Well it turns out he is a professor at University of California
    • And it turns out this guy is actually living in Moscow, trying to do Moscow Business Development
    • Let's see if they are attacking them or not
    • Oh here's Ahkmetshin he's gonna add some information in here and then he's also going to countersue
    • Zalmayev is also going to countersue the guy that's that they're attacking
    • Let's see how this goes
    • So we go down here to the docket, we go to the first complaint here, and we go to this, and this is gonna be expensive and you see that already thirty seven dollars
    • And there are thirty three dollars to view this document
    • I think I might have last month was terrible for reading documents it's like a thousand bucks
    • But anyway here it is there's Aggie suing Zalmayev's here
    • What's he saying? Well malicious disnformation campaign
    • What does that sound like? Doesn't that sound like exactly what's happening to Trump right now?
    • Russian corporate raid? Hmm where have I heard that before?
    • International litigation prevented him from personal safety loss of life and liberty harm abandon his claim to a valuable investment
    • It played a key role in the campaign elaborate negative public relations campaign illegitimate efforts
    • Defamatory false injurious statements all this sort of thing false defamatory etc etc etc
    • Now as a journalist, you have to report the news, and I correct whenever I make a mistake
    • So there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes along with that
    • And I try to exercise that every day
    • But this is where you're planting stories where you're paying--where has already been
    • Now identified as paying journalists to plant stories that are false--that's something very different
    • That's a that's a sneak attack
    • That's not journalism
    • That's not absence of malice--
    • That's going in with a preconceived idea to smear somebody, in writing, in publications no less, well-known publications
    • {{ 911bs: Called malinformation. Misinformation's a mistake. Disinformation could be done in a protective way (US spreading disinfo about crop circles), malinformation always is to harm }}
    • So they look like they grab this state of California professor they say ,"hey, I got an idea let's let's bust up a deal in Moscow and here it is"
    • There's the Moscow hotel they're going to bust up deal
    • And then finally what happens after this case is after they go through six years of litigation it basically dies
    • And this is a very very long case you can see here it starts in 2011 about when Fusion GPS starts and goes all the way until last month, when you guys finally just--gives up over end and it's sealed
    • And they seal the seal the case
    • So but then there's all this stuff
    • {{ 911: that's called lawfare }}
    • Now the key question is are our two people are our two FBI people people Lisa Page and Peter Strzok involved in this case or not?
    • Do they ever get involved as Peter Strzok ever get involved in this case with Lisa Page?
    • That's the question of the day
    • I'll put some screenshots in here along the way to show how long I've been talking about Fusion GPS
    • How long I've been talking about Akhmetshin
    • That's where the case is coming to
    • My Fusion GPS case will cite these cases as just more and more examples where Fusion GPS--I believe--aided in the creation of dossiers through illegally-obtained material, potentially, with the Awans, to create dossiers against people
    • Much like the Michael Flynn case, to try to smear someone with information
  • Day 45.4. Collect, Dossier, Reprisals - Need to Come Clean, No Sound and Fury, Documents - YouTube
    • It's Day 45 this is version 4
    • And obviously I put out my amended complaint that they're going to be adding the partners of Peter Strzok and also Lisa Page
    • I also had to add Agent Pettijohn and Agent Whittaker of JTTF to my complaint
    • The strategy has been three levels, the collection level, which is the Awans, the Steele, Russians that he brought into the country
    • The second level is once you collect it all you then do a dossier:
    • You do analysis and figure out the best dirt you have on somebody--the best leverage you have
    • And then the third level is reprisal: you don't collect the information to not do anything with it
    • And that's the FBI level that's Andy McCabe through people like Strzok and Page as well as many many other people
    • There's also parallel FBI investigations at every level as well that have been kind of in the shadows, afraid to come forward, and have been kind of put kind of squelched by Andrew McCabe in JTTF
    • So it's a very small group of about sixty guys in internal to FBI, that just need to retire
    • Just find it find a nice farm and retire
    • Make a lot of money
    • And that will the sun-shining of documents documents documents is the answer
    • To have a dog and pony show up in Congress is all well and good
    • A couple of press releases saying that you're going to open an investigation is all well and good
    • But these are really just like curtains--putting new curtains on it on a collapsing building
    • What we really need is publication of documents
    • Publish the OIG hack
    • Publish the OPM hack data
    • Publish the IG report in Congress about the 5100 illegal logins
    • Publish the CDW report
    • Published these key documents from key investigations to show that you have good faith
    • Dog-and-pony shows are all well and good and everyone has--to fall on their sword a little bit publicly
    • But that's not really very substantive at all
    • And I'm not gonna just permit Bob Mueller to kind of act like judge and jury when he is a co-conspirator
    • He been a beneficiary as much of the graft as as Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein
    • It's not gonna happen
    • We can't have half well we'll split the Ocean's eleven team up here
    • You've you five guys go over there you be the jury and we five guys will go over here we'll be the judge
    • And then we'll pick one of us amongst us to beat up on
    • It doesn't work like that
    • Everyone should just retire now and move on
    • I'm gonna keep moving on the Uranium One case
    • I've obviously got a lot of new information they're publishing today
    • Keep moving on the reprisal level with Andrew McCabe got new stuff coming in Chappaqua
    • Got new stuff coming from the Mueller Team
    • And how the Mueller team was infiltrated with the Strozek infiltrators
    • So all these things are going to be discoverable
    • So sooner or later if the American people are not savvy enough to demand documents, they're going to get hoodwinked again, like we did in the Hillary investigation server and investigation and the Huma server
    • Lots of smoke all sound and fury signifying nothing
    • We need to move to documents publication of documents documents documents
  • Day 46.1 Need To Eye Dropper a Fusion GPS Dossier? Call Strzok and Page - YouTube
    • I wanna this is Day 46
    • I'm gonna do the comments for the first two videos and I think you'll see how all this is kind of connected now
    • Last night it was great because all the videos I did yesterday were those were the fodder for Carlson Tucker Carlson--The whole hour and that Hannity the whole hour
    • Even Laura Ingraham and Bret Baier have picked up on this as 20 watergates as Kallstrom has said
    • But the first thing is that the mainstream media has to recognize that Strzok and Page are the key to the whole thing
    • They're that the henchman and henchwoman of Andrew McCabe
    • So that was out there last night
    • Now they still have this text message oh they just said nasty text messages about Trump
    • That's where we are today
    • Now I'm going to move everybody a little bit forward again
    • This is Fusion GPS--They're taking the dossier process.
    • You collect it with you Awans
    • You move it to the dossiers with Fusion GPS
    • And then you then you do reprisals with the FBI
    • And this Strzok and Page are that how you do reprisals
    • You forward it as a series of unrelated messages, but you you send a couple of pieces of the dossier over here one day
    • And then a couple more pieces over there
    • And what you're doing is you're you're doing the deep dives
    • You're doing the messages from Flynn to Kislyak
    • You're doing the Jared Kushner messages
    • You're sending them over like you're just picking these up one at a time
    • Like you don't already have this sitting over in a MicroPACT case management system over at Fusion GPS
    • Now I'm not sure if they use MicroPACT at Fusion GPS or what the case management system is
    • But it's going to be a case management system, a lot like Theresa Grafenstine's case management system
    • I'm not saying Theresa Graphenstine's case management system is being used by Fusion GPS, but somebody if you had access to a case management system like Theresa Grafenstine has at Fusion GPS, you could query that system, and then send little bits and pieces of the dossier
    • Like text messages
    • And you could make it look like actual investigative work
    • And if you're a fake enough like Peter Strzok that works out really well because everybody actually thinks you're an FBI agent
    • So the other piece to this is when you find smoke, when you find a conversation between Flynn and Kislyak, you then need a FISA warrant
    • You need a FISA warrant
    • Well you're never gonna go to a three-judge panel actually with the FISA warrant, but let's just say this is Lisa Page here you're gonna go to Lisa Page and say, "hey, Lisa do that FISA write-up and then we're gonna say it's lost paperwork or it never got over to a judge
    • Now if somebody does a warrant like now and does it drill down, then you just run down the street two three three three Constitution in the middle of the night
    • So your favorite judge and he signs off on it and they back-date it
    • And then you're good to go
    • You're gonna find this combination
    • It's not an affair--the reason why there is Zelig
    • I noticed they even use my Zelig there
    • They're the reason why they're Zelig and they're everywhere is because it's a tight system
    • You don't want 18 people involved in this
    • This is what I keep saying it's so few people are involved in this with McCabe
    • These are the two and I'm not this isn't Lisa Page I don't think
    • But this this is how tight it is
    • They're gonna go from place to place to place to place where you need to speed out this Fusion GPS stuff, to make it look like there's an investigation
    • And this has happened over and over again, for the last I would say 20 years
    • Now Lisa Page didn't get involved until 2006
    • There was a lawyer here in town named Megan something that was used before that
    • And I don't think really Lisa Page gets into the full swing until about 2008 2009
    • But--the roles change, but basically you have somebody sweeping up after you and covering you in case somebody finds out you're doing illegal surveillance okay
    • So it's just that simple
    • So that's how that'll come out tonight I think on Carlson and then Hannity picks it up
    • And then Bret Baier says--there's a story going on around here, but I think it's gonna lead to the helicopter and Otay and those helicopter rides they take
    • So I'm only go a little bit of the way you
    • {{ video cuts to long sequence of black}}
  • Day 46.2 Lisa Page, Have You Ever Been To Strongsville, OH? To the EAC? - YouTube
    • It's Day 46 this is part two and
    • Now I'm gonna go into the Strongsville Ohio connection from part two yesterday
    • People are asking me well why is this going so much faster why is this going so much faster
    • It seems like every day
    • Well Task Force is in the DC area and Task Force is helping me now
    • So you met Task Force earlier with the I just wanted to let--that Task Force is helping me at inside professional who's dealt a lot in the law enforcement community
    • And this is about this is about feds coming into a local law enforcement, and basically taking over with their operation
    • And I'm gonna call this a State Department operation
    • And this is going to be an operation I talked about yesterday
    • And it's in Ohio
    • And you can see here that Lisa Page has these offenses of--affair interfering with official business and--doing wacky things with a car--get in front of the police officers and all this
    • You're gonna see all this wackiness
    • Why is Lisa Page doing all this wackiness out instructions
    • I'll play a little bit of it, "hey, this weird European Center there that got raided by the FBI
    • So for ten years we have a colorable operation range color-of-law operation ten years adoption object see if you read down a little bit farther worker it's got all of these kids from all these different countries from this mostly Ukraine
    • Now that would particularly significant
    • Again, a little bit farther into the State Department State Department state or a significant if it wasn't for the fact the State Department says the Sheriff through an adoption options the AC European adoption caucus all work from Bulgaria our handle all these countries and Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian I realize the last one Ukraine Ukraine's the warrants the funnel for the Russian kids what they're doing is they're giving Russian kids and Russian families Ukrainian visas
    • So this was the Paul Manafort connection oh Manafort Paul Manafort Paul Manafort--okay
    • So they just
    • So the Mueller just took away Paul Manafort its bail conditions or they're against it
    • Somehow they think {{inaudible}} communicated with Paul Manafort maybe I don't know.
    • Wrong!
    • Andy's had a year to figure it out
    • Wrong! Bob Mueller
    • NO. What's happening is
    • Well let me just explain Strongsville
    • First of all Trump raided Strongsville
    • He met with Putin or his people met with Putin--they found out about this kind of breaking this is the Russian baby thing this isn't baby snatching
    • well maybe it is baby snatching
    • But they they raided it and the thing started in December, and then they raided it finally I think in February
    • And what is so beautiful about how this operation is run is you have these really great incredible parents through these religious organizations, trying to adopt these Russian kids
    • And they it takes forever and the the the kids--are older
    • And it just seems like oh my gosh these kids are never gonna get adopted
    • They're seven eight years old and it's these kind of folks here that are just the salt of the earth of Ohio
    • These are my parents...50 yrs ago
    • And these are just incredible people
    • They make what how'd the State Department runs this deal is you have a few people that are media fronting this operation
    • Which they are the most sincere people in the world
    • And then you have the Saipov babies coming in like there's no tomorrow
    • Everytime a Saipov trucker is going for another thing of uranium--taking another thing in uranium out, he's bringing a kid back
    • And you only need about 23 visas to reuse over and over again
    • They finally bust the operation in June this year okay
    • So they're shutting it down but
    • Again, the greed they just want to keep this thing going it's just it's it's amazing actually
    • And the fact that Jeff Sessions hasn't figured it out is quite quite amazing
    • And I wonder if there's any uranium dealings in Mobile, Alabama down there at the Naval Center
    • We'll get to that later
    • But anyway here's the Strongsville adoption agency
    • What they're doing is are bringing them up through Texas
    • And these Texas truckers I hate to go but down to the Texas shooting
    • Again, but Texas truckers there's going to be a network of about 2,000 of these truckers that are using the commercial drivers licenses--the commercial operators licenses for a very few set of trucking companies
    • And a whole bunch of different companies are gonna use those
    • If they get busted they get busted right for not having driver's licenses...
    • But they're bringing them up from the Mexican border and on these truckers, then if anybody ever gets arrested they throw Uzbeki truckers under literally under the truck, under the bus, and get them arrested
    • So you only need about twenty seven visas 23 visas what did Trump say that Saipov had about 23 visas?
    • And then you keep losing your visa
    • We keep printing new visas in in in Kingston, right?
    • And just keep losing visas printing visas losing visas printing visas
    • After well we got about--500 visas
    • These are the visas that are gonna be in the indictments in the sealed indictments
    • Now I'm daring Mueller I'm daring you right now to unseal those indictments
    • Because I know most of them are gonna be because of these duplicate visas the people using the duplicate visas
    • All you have to do is do is go to the TSA
    • And what's funny is Kirsten Kirsten and Nielsen the new DHS--she's from TSA--she knows how to do this match very quickly, and see that these visas have been used by different people
    • This is why the conspiracies collapse so quickly
    • So anyway the the history of abuses goes back a long way with this Center--this European adoption consultants--this EAC
    • I've had people way back when I mean I want to say a hundred day 150 go shoot video at this place after I was there the first time
    • And it's it's pretty much shut down now after the raid
    • But this goes back a long way, where there's all kinds of neglect while these babies are being stored in the Texas area
    • I'm not gonna say it's where the Texas shooting was but that's why it gets close to
    • And then they bring them up here when they have a match in Ohio
    • And I think there's gonna be Cincinnati
    • It's also gonna be Cleveland are the two places
    • And then I also think Minnesota
    • I think it's gonna be in near like Rochester Minnesota
    • They like the out-of-the-way places they don't like to go into Cleveland they're going to places that have a strong presence of law enforcement
    • They like to out-of-the-way places where they kind of control the Sheriff...
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 216 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 40.4. Day 40.3 Task Force Additional Details
    • {{ 911 -- I f'd up and somehow lost this transcript, so I'm going to skip this for now. Sorry }}
    • Basically, going to summarize that it's Deep Task Force Policewoman talking about her injury resulting from a beating and her targetting, reprisals from this. Fiancee was eyewitness and was supporting her, and he ended up dead.
    • George encourages her to go on CSTT and OANN
  • Day 40.4. Bercerra Secret Server Reprisals? - YouTube
    • Day forty this is part three
    • You might have figured out already the Task Force was one of the people that was providing the information from the law enforcement community
    • One of many. This is before Zanesville. Before June 15th
    • And I just want to say that there have been reprisals against people who have helped in the law enforcement community, both in the Federal and state level
    • And Becerra, if you remember, who had the secret server is the Attorney General for the state of California right now
    • He's the one who gave a false [disk] image to the Capitol Police
    • He is the one who later was caught two weeks--delaying that server while the Awans escaped from the country I believe I believe they got out the day after the inauguration
    • G: So first on that first point you knew me and you were researcher for me before June 15
    • TF: Yes I've been helping research chief from the very very beginning of your first videos yeah
    • G: and you were you felt like there was an electronic intrusion on your phone and your email after June 15th
    • TF: yes after speaking to you and then what happened to you in things though yes right now--
    • G: we know that there are some police forces that do engage criminals in sort of a gang for reprisals against other criminals that didn't happen in your case, you've never been involved in anything like that?
    • TF: No
    • G: but you could understand that happening if somebody threatened a Federal judge or somebody threatened a police chief or somebody--certain departments could take care of that yes?
    • TF: right
    • G: yeah but Now you were saying a different situation which is somebody who's actually helping in whistleblowing
    • Now you were severely beaten by four gang members in near in what you might characterize as a sanctuary city in California?
    • TF: yes
    • G: right and you were being beaten with closed fists
    • TF: four gang members are four people jumped and beat me
    • G: and I just want to say that the there is a police report and one of the four suspects is in jail now but it seems like someone from on high has killed this investigation
    • TF: it appears that way right there they're finding me no information there's been no further investigation on the other three suspects no modus operandi no nothing
    • G: I mean you they know where the individuals are?
    • TF: from what I've been told that yes they some have information I do not know why that's not been affected why there's no and I've been in fear
    • G: So I'm gonna do a shout out to attorney general Becerra and hopefully he'll see this and he'll immediately begin an investigation on these other three people, and investigate the gang the MS-13 gang or whatever gang it was we believe it is MS-13. You've done an awful lot of police work on this as not being a police officer and been able to figure out. And you have contacts in the police force as well that say the investigations been killed or spiked?
    • TF: yes I received phone calls from law enforcement officers that have been involved that have told me this makes no sense--why there has not been a further investigation--why they're not looking into it, especially with my history dangerous this reminds me of your husband being--after his untimely death at the age of 32, no police officers going to his funeral and after he was buried in his police uniform
    • TF: yeah
    • G: I mean that is that is kind of this blue code but the blue code we have to relook at that because this is these systems these DHS systems these JTTF systems are being used against police officers not gang members not criminals
    • {{ interrupticops: WAP WAP WAA WAP }}
    • TF: yes
    • G: that's the big change
    • TF: yeah really make it clear I I love my brothers in blue. I honor them they are I'm committed to them and that's why I'm doing this
    • G: you're a leader
    • TF: I was a leader and it's to help them get out of some of the situation's they've been placed in
    • So most police officers are just great great men and women
    • G: And you never threatened anybody or anything
    • TF: never
    • {{ interrupticops: WAP WAP WAA WAP }}
    • G: Never. Ok thank you thank you very much
  • Day 40.5. Podesta Case Reassigned To Judge Contreras - YouTube
    • It's day 40 this is part five
    • I did receive from the DC district court a notice of that the judge in the Podesta case will be changed to Contreras
    • This is great for judicial economy, because the two cases will be combined and Judge Contreras--I've sat in his court
    • He seems like a great man I saw judge Harvey walking out the other day I wanted hey Jarvis
    • I have nothing but the highest level of respect for our Federal Judges
    • Judge Chutkan as well--{{ 911 because she didn't let you intervene? Or are we still waiting on that? }}
    • My belief she's extremely fair person and I believe Judge Contreras will be very fair
    • So I don't want to really entertain anything that in any way impugns our Federal judges
    • But I do want to say that these cases should be separate because there's different defendants doing different
    • In each case a Fusion GPS case and the Podesta case is very different more dossier compiling dossiers and targeting pay-to-play versus what happens over in the Awan case and the DNC which is more phishing attacks and leave it right there
    • I'm gonna be also probably combining videos now
    • So as we move into day 54 and we start having a year look back, I'll be making retractions and updates and that will have a record of in a process for fixing things like for instance my brother did not work for Army Intelligence
    • I believed he worked with somebody who was or did have those connections, but that's also just a speculation
    • So those are the kind of things were will be correcting as we go forward
  • Day 40.6 - YouTube
    • This is Day 40 and this is I think maybe my sixth one I've done today
    • But if you haven't seen this article basically confirms everything I've been saying for quite a long time
    • Terry McAuliffe and Tony Rodham sue over green cards investment scam by these Chinese investors
    • And this Chuck Ross here at The Daily Caller
    • This is a derivative work from a political article I believe
    • But these Chinese investors are suing in Virginia against Terry McAuliffe, who's run all of these schemes for the last 30 years for Bill Clinton
    • This is basically just white water in Virginia
    • I mean you may as well just stamp every one of these cases, get a white water stamp over a DC district court or over it in Virginia Fairfax County, and just start stamping
    • Brother of Hillary Clinton
    • 17 million
    • Basically they were sold and exploited these 32 different people that they were promised pay-to-play to leverage their political connections
    • Their visas would go to the top of the pile
    • These were: guess what? EB-5!
    • Any investment you make in learning these things with this channel always comes back to pay off
    • Not not only just the EB-5 but but here's the Chinese investors
    • You're gonna see more of that with Trump in Jersey City that's coming they're gonna use that as a reprisal
    • Terry McAuliffe used this Green Tech you're gonna see a lot of these different companies are gonna be derivative of did John Podesta the John Podesta group of initiatives
    • And this one's going to be the global climate initiative at the Clinton Foundation
    • Basically they over sold a company
    • Now the company's about ready to go out of business, putting in all these visas in jeopardy
    • The defendants just filed this case last week
    • And again, there's going to be discovery in this case it's gonna play over into our other two cases here as well
    • So like I said, it takes a long time to build a house of cards
    • But it takes only one second for it to collapse
    • And what we're seeing here is a total collapse across the board
    • So so fast that I can't even keep up with it
    • So the I thought my lawsuits were gonna merge at some point,
    • But it looks like they're already have merged with the OPM-hack
    • The OPM hack kind of ties all this together with JTTF and reprisals against whistleblowers
    • And if you've seen this morning's report, you you've seen firsthand on how somebody at the city-level gets attacked by the state level
    • If that doesn't work they bring in the Federal level
    • They bring in the Fusion Center first
    • If that doesn't work then they bring in the Federal the gangs for security the G4S
    • You're going to see this over and over again
    • Now the pattern is is established and things are collapsing rather rapidly
  • Day 40.7 Granting Haseeb More Time - YouTube
    • OK this is the Podesta case and I will just show that here this is the docket for two three three zero, which is
    • Now assigned to judge Contreras here, which is which is fine
    • And then the you can see Podesta group here in Kim Fritts
    • Kim Fritts has accepted service
    • So she'll definitely be a part of this for both Podesta group and the CEO of ARMZ here
    • ARMZ this can be a real important player as we go forward the whole ARMZ story is going to become quite famous
    • But Haseeb Rana the kind of a hero of the story
    • And unfortunately sometimes you have to sue the heroes as well because they're they they went along with it
    • I guess is the the best way to say it and it's unfortunate but I want to appeal to the court that there was a lot of pressure here on Haseeb Rana
    • There's--Imran's threatening to have people their family murdered and openly in the Congressional cafeteria
    • So I just would like the court maybe to consider that he was under quite a deal of stress in addition to having DHS and other government bodies behind the Awans, adding a lot of stress
    • So I certainly would grant him more time for his preparation of his case, which I did not oppose
    • His attorney was in in the office or in the court just recently today
    • And must have happened a few minutes ago
    • And he asked for more time and I granted that
    • So I just wanted to say I want to be very selective here,
    • About who the heroes are and who the people who kind of got swept up along in the in the in the case
    • As well as who the actual ringleaders are
    • And I think that's that's important
  • Day 40.8 Carpener vs. US - YouTube
    • This is Day 40 part 8
    • And as I've said before if you watch this series you just wait for the news to come to you
    • In the Supreme Court today we have the carpenter case this is the Fourth Amendment case
    • Now what they're gonna do here is this is about cell phones that CLSI information
    • What they're gonna do is they're going to try whether that is it illegal search or seizure
    • So the Supreme Court's hearing that today
    • I'm thinking the arguments are gonna go on a couple of days
    • So I can get down there tomorrow but I may go down there this afternoon depending on news stories...
    • But Carpenter is the guy who is doing crimes in Michigan
    • And then they follow him into Ohio
    • They're deliberately putting in this case up where they're following a criminal to make it to justify this Fourth Amendment type thing that happened to me in Zanesville, with the parallel construction
    • As I've said before carpenter as a bank robber and he had felonies before it could easily have been outfitted with a GPS device and they're stylish
    • So forth they could wear it on their wrist they could wear it on their ankle
    • And that would not that would be a better solution to giving the criminals a bracelet, rather than impinging having this JTTF program the Awan's are working on impinging on the rights of every US citizens
    • This basically the 702 provision basically nullifies the Fourth Amendment
    • I mean and that is done without any consent
    • They just nullify the Fourth Amendment
    • You cannot nullify the Fourth Amendment
    • I obviously have a case going here
    • I'm gonna if the carpenter case goes against us, I'm gonna push the rights for journalists first
    • And their first and fourth protections to be the first and fourth amendment
    • I'm going to draw an immediate line between the carpenter case and being a criminal
    • And then a journalist who hasn't done anything wrong, which is exactly my case
    • And of course I have standing
    • So the Supreme Court case may be coming faster than I thought
    • Lots of things are happening simultaneously the 702 vote which is--unrestricted basically this unrestricted collection that McCabe is doing
    • And then coming up with parallel constructions later on
    • That has to end that part of our history has to end
    • So anyway just wanted to look you up to date I think they're gonna hear arguments again tomorrow
    • So I'll be down there tomorrow
    • Who knows I might go down there still this afternoon
  • Day 40.9 Russian Plutonium Has Different DoE Taggants Than US Plutonium - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions, skipping for now
    • Sum of all fears about nukes getting from Savanna to New York as a Dirty Bomb
    • Modus operandi is always go after your whistleblowers and then blame them for your crimes
    • Did Norman Ravenscroft of Transportation
    • Someone deleted George's tweets on Ravenscroft logistics
    • Port of Charleston is the beginning
    • Even movies can help inform
    • Russian plutonium versus US plutonium signature
    • Contamination
    • Uranium coming in from port of charleston was never cleaned
    • Workers at Silkwood were exposed
    • Gary Van der Boegh
    • Peducah, KY is where we spin the uranium
    • Pipes and everything contaminated
    • Plutonium incredibly radioactive
    • Radioactive waste in Peducah, KY
    • Dirt going to end up at Transportation Logistics, small trucking companies going to get rid of it
    • DOE Dept of Envir Quality with documentation to show this
    • Person that Jaquaya knew (honey pot operation)
    • Peduca workers exposed to the radioactive chemicals and the people of Peduca exposed to the waste
  • Day 40.11 FBI Stored UF6, Then Sold Through UAE With Uranium One - YouTube
    • Ok, This is 10/10 and wow what a day I thought I had a big scoop with the task force story
    • But the Uranium One story exploded today I got pictures from down here in Paducah, Kentucky of these used Russian containers
    • And also I think you're gonna find their signature with a very distinctive telltale Russian plutonium--the Department of Energy is going to be adding tagged ants called taggants
    • {{ 911 to Spookiwinx: Not to be confused with Andre's Taggarts }}
    • We've mentioned before in the show that are gonna say that these these Russian containers were in South Carolina
    • So if you haven't seen this, going back to gosh, before before the June 16th or 15th arrest, the parallel construction
    • This was put up by character-driven
    • I know I'm in Columbus here
    • I'm just what excuse me just wondering if I had already said this before Columbus or after
    • I think I was sitting on this because I was trying to still trying to meet the informant for one of the enrichment plants in Piketon, Ohio
    • But I know I said it afterward, because there it is
    • And if you go to two minutes and 58 seconds if you just google "George Webb and uranium", it will say the FBI has been intercepting uranium
    • They've been storing it at Y-12 in Tennessee
    • I think they also store a little bit of it the the cleaned stuff in Clarksburg, Tennessee are Clarksburg, West Virginia those are the two places and then it goes on to Honeywell
    • So if you haven't seen it, here it is
    • You can go I believe character-driven put it up
    • I don't know what day it is for me
    • This is what came up when I did George Webb for uranium my all my it seems like my uranium youtubes are missing
    • Maybe it's not I just haven't looked yet but character-driven is that great photographer out in British Columbia, who has her own radio show
    • And who what kind of went on the road kind of a travels with Charlie
    • And that was key her experience and as well as the experience of the filmmaker up there were key in kind of breaking the ratline as it existed before
    • You're gonna have a lot of different ride lines in Canada and then when Hillary becomes Secretary of State 2009, they're just gonna move the United States
    • So here it is if you haven't seen it
    • It's the port of Charleston--right here (sorry about that) port Charleston down here is where all this stuff is coming in
    • It's gonna be intercepted there at the Navy Yard is this is actually coming in
    • If you read the ravenscroft letter the famous Ravenscroft letter
    • Now the 2004 famous Ravenscroft you're gonna see that the raven crops crops a little rearranging right there on the way to Metropolis--
    • I don't make these names up the Superman names...
    • You know kryptonite's next I guess
    • But the ravenscroft is going to be right here I believe the crofting of the uranium by the Raven is going to happen right there at y12
    • Now could a little bit also be could the raven also fly in and croft a little uranium in Parkersburg alright not Parkersburg but Clarksburg West Virginia?
    • Yes I believe
    • So the clean stuff but I think the process is going to go this way it's gonna go to the Honeywell plant the allied chemical plant in Metropolis
    • What's left over this has Russian uranium and plutonium and all the other trans yer annex Uranics that are not good for you cesium 137...
    • I just hope that cesium 137 is not being used in diagnostic medicine
    • I know usually they use strontium 60 I think, but if they're they are using the cesium 137--that's contaminated with plutonium and my son does that procedure
    • So this is really this is really scary
    • Anyway the just even thinking about that makes me...
    • But anyway Peduca's where the storage facility is as these tape containers come came in they got dumped at this plant
    • These containers were making we're changing this black dirt these are the black barrels going this way just think of--?? going through Tennessee
    • Where the black barrels his jalopy is all filled with these black barrels black gold he's filled Jed Clampett is going up here and he gets to Metropolis and he unloaded and then it's gonna turn into those mark now-famous Mark Lambert UF6 containers
    • Those long containers these are the big boys
    • These are the tall ones
    • Now it's going to go back here
    • I think to to the national complex and stored here somewhere with containers here
    • Now there's another facility here it's also excuse me
    • It's also in Piketown, Ohio, where I was getting close to, when the parallel construction happened
    • But then the clean uranium the clean plutonium or plutonium in general, I think goes back here in the Y12 security complex
    • If you want to look at megatons to megawatts which is the MTM program, it's just basically buying and selling
    • Buying storing and selling just like any store would do
    • The buying part comes in 1999 to 2008
    • You buy. It gets stored right here why 12 maybe also Clarksburg, West Virginia but I'm gonna say Y12
    • I think the plutonium is so sensitive that it's gonna go to Clarksburg, but we don't know yet
    • And then when Hillary becomes Secretary of State just goes the other way just goes out the other way two through the UAE to Create a Zero Footprint on the deal
    • And just that simple so this is just a very straightforward a straightforward case of buying storing and selling
  • Day 40.12. Mangoes Are an Emanuel Throw - the Halal Meat In Ames, IA Coming in Through Sugarland, TX - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions
    • Maybe Steve King said in 2007 House Foreign Affairs Meeting that the Awans have our information
    • Ames, Iowa APHUS center where they do fruit AND meat testing
    • HACCP--critical point of testing where DHS could inject themselves in food inspection and bring stuff off the line
    • That's exactly how you'd create a ratline, bring stuff in from TX, Sugarland Express, bring HALAL meat just for the Pakistanis
    • Almost reminds me of the kosher chicken from Arkansas, where they stuffed drugs in the chicken at Tyson
    • I won't say anything about the horses and Al Capone {{ 911: _ WUUT? }}
    • Mangoes are a throw--Reuhm Emmanuel doing the greenberg thing, sleeping on his couch for 6 yrs, that him saying hey we'll have this throw, have a party about Hillary doing the mango thing but meanwhile in TX we'll have this Halal
    • Why do I say TX? Because Imran has this company called Nanoset w/Hina Alvi in TX
    • But his father has a company called blue sky link which is iridium satellites for tracking--this logistics DHS control point
    • Control point where you lift your package off the line
    • Other point of control or DHS logistics is going to be in Sugarland TX
    • These drugs are going to be animal pharma. WHy? Because they have a company called animal pharma
    • I hope radioactive drugs arent being put in vets (veterans)
    • Mangoes are the throw
    • And the back of the hand is the real deal
    • Tarmac meeting tomorrow is what they want you to see, the real tarmac meeting is Mueller in Tblisi Georgia where he says 'look at my highly enriched uraniums'
  • Day 40.13. Did the Awan Team Rotate Through DHS’ Virginia Port of Qasim Video Surveillance Office. - YouTube
    • Dark dark dark
    • So Saipov truckers Saipov trucker
    • If you were gonna truck stuff like the truck I just walked by, and you were gonna it was gonna be illegal--like let's say uranium--if any of this gets out you have big problems, it would make sense to rotate people from the is Uzbeki truckers, the ratline,
    • You have a weekend away if you did good weekend in Paris for the for the soldiers
    • And I think the same kind of rotation schedule
    • And this is pretty standard with the CIA
    • Rotate people in
    • Always be training...
    • And this is where I think the story of the port of Qasim comes in
    • Because I do think it's Imran Awan there are two months out of the year
    • And I think it's gonna be the other six conspirators two months out of the year
    • Why? Because if somebody's gone for two months, you can cover for them
    • They start being gone--I get as soon as Congress goes out, that'd be a really good time for Imran to leave, which is I think what he does every year
    • He's gonna go to Pakistan because he's got to go recruit and train new people same sort of thing with Hasib and Rao
    • I think Rao's to guy who covers for him when he's gone
    • I gave just gave Kim Fritts another 20 days to prepare a response
    • I'm not interested in--getting in a fight or anything or filing a whole bunch of frivolous motions
    • I want them I want Kim Fritts to prepare a good defense
    • I want Hasib Rana to have time, because these are the people that kind of get edged into these things
    • Kind of get pushed in Kim Fritts is gonna end up kind of not being a hero in this
    • But kind of almost under unsuspecting
    • Doesn't understand all the things that are going on that she's signing her name to
    • She's in a way and Eric Braverman that didn't have that Braverman moment, that said wait a minute I'm not signing this thing
    • And that's I think the difference between Kim Fritts and the Braverman
    • And do I think JTTF DHS runs the port of Qasim as only port and in the open ports initiative?
    • I certainly do
    • Do I think that DHS here would have the ability to hire him there and put him there and the other six?
    • I do. I think they were in the port of Qasim
    • Now they spent some time up in Punjab
    • Punjab visiting the farmers with USAID but they spent a lot of time Port of Qasim
  • Day 40.15 DHS IG 159K Names On Home Server - Raid This Spring, Conspirators Not Namedd - YouTube
    • Ok This is Day 40 very busy day for me it was so much happening this is probably version 14
    • But this is the New York Times article that I started the day with and the insiders accused of stealing personal data from homeland security
    • Now you probably already remember Mike McMahan the FBI we interviewed several times
    • OPM Office of Personnel Management
    • This is containing the DHS piece of this is 246,000
    • This is the DynCorp backbone
    • DHS is the DynCorp backbone of 30 different agencies
    • It's going to be DynCorp that manages this
    • Imran Awan is going to end up being a DynCorp employee, as well as the other six in the spy ring
    • So I just want to make that prediction right
    • Now as far as how the actual money's getting there
    • So now it's gonna go through a lot of different methods to get him the money but that's that's where it's coming from but as I said it is going to be the Inspector General that are going to be the control points
    • If someone is making it being a whistleblower and any of these things and saying hey there's drugs over here, you only need one you only need one person at the control point
    • Let's say this is the top of the funnel at the bottom of the funnel however you want to look at it I only need person there
    • All the information can come up from these 256,000 people that may be whistleblowers
    • And I only need one person to control all 246,000 I just have to smear that person with a dossier, as soon as that report--the whistleblower--comes to Congress
    • The same way is if I control the IG and the report a person who has a false passport,
    • And I believe that there was this kingston location here in vert and Virginia was printing these things by the box load
    • I believe different attorneys in these six or twelve or twenty, however it many it was, twelve or twenty different Congressional districts were driving these passports to these different EB-5 attorneys
    • That's why three of them died down in basically three of them died down in Florida right?
    • And if you look at the Clinton Foundation case it's EB-5 EB-5 EB-5
    • LA EB-5
    • Florida EB-5
    • Texas EB-5
    • New Jersey ann New York EB-5
    • Washington DC, Virginia EB-5
    • All these EB fives these are all gonna be cases
    • Now if you look at the case file that the inspector general had
    • Again, this is a control point of for a hundred and fifty nine thousand cases right
    • Now as I mentioned this morning they don't name the three people
    • Three people did this
    • But they don't name who the three people are
    • What kind of law enforcement is?
    • What kind of journalism is that?
    • Three employees of inspector general's office stole a computer system containing information of 246,000 different agency employees
    • Why don't we know the names of these three people that sold it?
    • The only people that I know they get that kind of protection are the Awans
    • The only people that I know
    • And again, of course it's right here on K Street--that's why I've spent a lot of time on K Street 800 K Street
    • They're currently completely gutting 800 K Street by the way
    • They're going to put in a new--it's got the mark of Mattis because it's completely cleaned out at the bottom
    • I think all the all the back channels are getting cleaned out or the other way and maybe the other way, but I think it's Mattis cleaning it out it's being gutted right now
    • So anyway this is a raid in the spring okay
    • Now we know that I went to Android Tigers Andre Taggart's house we know that there was a raid there in the spring
    • They found one hundred fifty nine thousand Case Files
    • Well if they had gotten into Theresa Grafenstine's computer and Theresa Grafenstine knows all the other IGs, that I would explain that
    • Again, show me three employees that had get protection like this, where their names aren't named, when they steal a hundred fifty nine thousand names, and they that were raided in the spring
    • I know of one we did an interview with it I did an interview with him two hundred days ago
    • And Crowdsource the Truth did an interview with him as well
    • And we know he exists we know it's that person
    • This is going to be Andre Taggart
    • This raid here is going to be Andre Taggart and these 159,000 case files are going to be that server at Hawkshead
    • Now other channels probably can make a case for the server being Sprayer
    • I just don't see that, because we don't have but anybody's saying there's government BlackBerry's here
    • There was government servers here there was a special toner cartridge which gives me a reason for going in and out it's special toner
    • So that only this one company can do it
    • So then again, I have a control point rather than anybody who wants to get the toner refilled its special toner so we have to go do it
    • Rao has to be the guy who goes or Hasib has to be the guy who goes
    • But somebody has to be the guy who goes for the special toner right
    • So that's what you're gonna have the special toner it's gonna be a reason why one and only one different contractor a CDW-G contractor can go there
    • And I think it's gonna be that ultraviolet one
    • I think it's gonna be the ultraviolet kind of spy paper
    • {{ 911: They used to use semen for invisible ink. Really. More spies, whistle-blowing themselves }}
    • But we'll see we'll see but anyway this is John Roth is the inspector general
    • Now if you don't know John Roth, here's this picture
    • Each of these departments has an inspector general okay
    • So here he is and what--my question for John Roth
    • Again, I'm gonna obviously subpoena him
    • I've got a suit currently against the DHS
    • I had it before this news broke and I'm gonna ask him the question, "John tell me more about this study"
    • "What's the name of the inspector general that had their system hacked?"
    • "Was it you? Was it Theresa Grafenstine? Who what when where how and why?"
    • The only thing they put is "what happened"--that sounds like a Hillary book
    • We need to answer all those questions of who want where how and why
    • All I need is metadata I don't need to know any of the case files
    • I just need to know what their names are
    • Just what the names are
    • Actually I don't even need to know those just if the Awans are in there
    • And the various names that we've gone through, just to see if there's in those 159,000 case files
    • I think you're gonna have the Kingston operation is a printing complicate operation
    • They're fixing passport printers up there at Kingston
    • They're printing these passports
    • And they're filling out boxes and those boxes are going in the back of attorneys cars and the 2,000 or 4,000 indictments that you see now are gonna be people who have fake passports
    • DHS has a way of seeing if they uncover something like this with fake files 159,000 files, and they see 600 Awan 600 Imran Awans, they're gonna say hey 599 of these are fake
    • And then you got to go arrest them
    • And you see all the indictments to make sure you get everybody
    • That's what I think this is they're going to be trucking they're gonna be trucking ratlines
    • As well as programmer ratlines--people that are here illegally to programming different projects
    • And we'll see one thing indictments are released
    • But the trial has now been delayed
    • Not going to trial tomorrow, it's being delayed until January the 8th
  • Day 41.1 Raj Fernando Type - Hawala Traders? - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions / DUTCH
    • Luke Rosiak and Brian Ross is probably my favorite reporter going back to Cleveland with the teamsters in CLeveland
    • Late 1970s or 1965 Brian Ross
    • Clinton Foundation international nuclear security and proliferation experts on a board
    • A clinton donor gets on board
    • {{ G plays ABC News Clip, highlights: }}
    • in 2011, Clinton State Dept added Rajeed Fernando, a wealthy Chicago comoddities broker with no known connection to the national security world. What he was known for before and after his appointment was raising and giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Campaign and Clinton Foundation
    • When Brian Ross of ABC news approached Raj Fernando, Raj became upset and Brian Ross was threatened with arrest
    • But now the new set of emails revealed in a lawsuit brought by citizens united revealed the role of Clinton's Chief of staff Cheryl Mills in appointing the big donor--a senior career official using the shorthand "S" a common reference to Secretary Clinton.
    • S Staff cheryl mills added him. Raj was not on the list sent S, he was added at their insistence
    • Hillary perjured herself to Congress in her confirmation hearing wrt pay-to-play, pay-for-appointment, "I don't know who will be giving money" ... "that will not influence in will not be in the atmosphere"
    • The new clinton emails also show that when ABC started asking questions about the appointment of Fernando in 2011, Cheryl Mill asked the press officer to stall for 24 hours. The very next day Fernando offered his resignation from the prestigious board
    • Clinton Campaign declined to comment
    • Raj Fernando has given over a million to CF
    • Raj Fernando became "one of her[sic] superdelegates" {{ 911: "her"? and not DNC?}}
    • WSJ reports Hillary's email contains messages about drone strikes overseas that FBI is investigating, sent by american diplomats in Pakistan about pending drone attacks that ended up on HER PERSONAL EMAIL SERVER
    • But that the email did not contain the words CIA or Drone, ABC has not been able to independently confirm
    • {{ Back to G }}
    • Those emails had to come from either State Dept, CIA, Foreign Intel agencies, for those to be on her server
    • By connecting those simple dots you can show that the Awans might likely be a source
    • VICE interviewing PK drug lords in England
    • They ask, 'how do you do this [drug dealing] if it's Haram (as in boku haram)--forbidden by Islam?'
    • You can see that there's state sponsorship
    • These guys are not living the lives of devout muslims going to [mosque] and praying 5 times a day, they are living it up, kind of like Imran with the 3000/night stripper habit
    • Bitcoin that is stamped Halal---In Islam you have to have a currency that is backed by value, not just based on debt.
    • {{ 911: Halal is why they won't accept empty barrel US fiat dollars and instead need us to give them illegal drugs/guns/kids/organs/rapeable womenfolk/satellite imagery, because you know monopoly money isn't kosher; so instead they are going to accept the CIA's own virtualized store of energy, whose value is based on US tax-funded AI botnets trading with themselves in the background, front-running on intelligence behind the exhanges, which are themselves owned by silicon-based lifeforms (socialized transnational corporatists, 33000 freemasons) like Peter Thiel et al--to ensure CIA has perennial dominance of the currency. SMART }}
    • >>>CONT
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