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Mike Gogulski, operator of the Bitcoin Laundry, profiled in the latest issue of Vice magazine: "in all likelihood, the only person alive today to have successfully made himself stateless of his own accord"

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Mike Gogulski on Twitter: "Watch out upgrading to #Bitcoin Core 0.12! Changed handling of "paytxfee" may lead to stuck transactions afterward

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Of interest may be the saga of Mike Gogulski, a Bitcoin activist who renounced his American citizenship in order to become voluntarily stateless

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Mike Gogulski on Twitter: "Watch out upgrading to #Bitcoin Core 0.12! Changed handling of "paytxfee" may lead to stuck transactions afterward

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I've been sharing conspiracies on reddit longer than this sub has been around. I have a story to tell.

This story is mostly crafted from my own experiences, my conversations with some of the people involved, and the rest is my own guesswork as I try to fill in the bear with me!
That's why I wanted to share with this community, which I've watched grow over the years. I remember posting about the death of Barry Jennings (who witnessed explosions in the WTC on 9/11) the day after it happened. This was before /conspiracy (or right around when it was formed), and I remember thinking "we really need a sub for conspiracies on reddit!"
And here we are, 12 years later and over 1.3 million subscribers...incredible!
My story starts with a young man. We'll call him Andrew.
Andrew grew up in the 90's in a coastal US town and quickly blossomed into a tech whiz at a young age.
He began building his own computers, and after a brief stint using Windows, he decided that Bill Gates was everything wrong with technology (and the world), and he made it his mission to make sure folks like Gates were NOT the future of computers.
He really believed that the use of technology was a fundamental human right, and that charging people for "proprietary" OS's that hid their source code was a violation of these rights.
He saw a possible Deus Ex-like future, with a technocracy literally around the corner if we didn't act now.
Andrew soon joined the Free Software Foundation and began rubbing elbows with the likes of Richard Stallman. He begun exclusively using GNU/Linux and was the type to correct you if you called it just "Linux". He also began visiting tech-savvy forums like slashdot and started networking in earnest.
By 2006 (his senior year of high school) Andrew was completely over his "education" and decided to just drop out completely.
Shockingly, a college accepted him anyway. A small East Coast school had been actively courting Andrew, and when they learned he had failed to get his HS diploma, they accepted him anyway!
Now sometime during this period Andrew went to Iceland and stayed in Reykjavik for several months.
This trip may have happened during the summer, fall, or early winter of 2006. The reason for his trip had something to do with his efforts in the FSF or similar group. The possible significance of this trip will become clear as we go on.
What is clear is that Andrew started college in the fall of 2006, and that the circumstances were unusual. Andrew soon met several like-minded individuals and began building a social and technological network at his school.
Two individuals in particular would become key players in his life (one more prominently in this story, but the other was significant as well), and eventually the 3 would live together in town for several years.
But for now let's stick with Andrew.
Andrew had an idea to build a social network for his college. Except, it wasn't just a network, it was a wiki for information about the school...and beyond. Soon, it began to morph into something much bigger in Andrew's mind.
He saw his project as being one of many data "hubs" for leaks of important documents and otherwise sensitive information.
So yeah, he saw the opportunity for a wiki for leaks (see where this is going yet...?).
As his ambitions grew, his behavior started to become increasingly erratic. He was caught with drugs and arrested. Strangely, the charges were pretty much dropped and he was given a slap on the wrist. Eventually he decided to leave the school, but still lived in town and had access to the servers on campus.
By 2010 Andrew was still living in the small town with his two "hacker" buddies, who were still enrolled at the school.
This house was in some ways legendary. It appears that many "interesting" people spent time at or visited the residence. Indeed, some of the early movers and shakers of /conspiracy itself passed through.
There was usually a full NO2 tank for anyone who was into that kinda thing, and they were stocked with every hallucinogen and research chemical known to man.
It was also likely under surveillance by multiple intelligence agencies (NSA/Mossad/etc).
Over time, the mental state of Andrew was slowly starting to deteriorate, which wasn't helped by his abuse of drugs.
Still, Andrew decided to move his base of operations to Europe, spending time in Belgium, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.
One of his housemates was soon to join him on his adventures in Europe and elsewhere abroad. We'll call him "Aaron."
Aaron had a very similar story and upbringing as Andrew. Aaron was also from a coastal US town and was born into privilege. He was also, supposedly, born into a family with some serious connections to intelligence agencies, including an uncle with ties to the NSA, and both parents connected to military brass.
By 2015, Andrew and Aaron were living together in the Czech Republic. During this time they were working directly and/or indirectly for the NSA (via Cisco and other companies).
You see, the "college" they met at was actually a front for the recruitment of kids into the IC. Apparently, many "schools" in the US function that way. Go figure.
Their intelligence and valuable skill set (hacking etc) made them valuable assets. They were also possibly involved with the distribution of certain "research chemicals" (of the 2C* variety) to dignitaries and their entourages (in one example, they provided 2CB to a group with David Cameron).
In addition, Andrew was allegedly involved with, or stumbled upon, an NSA-linked surveillance project directed at the entire country of Malaysia, while Aaron was involved with Cisco.
Aaron himself had gotten into hot water for releasing damaging information about the NSA, and even claimed to be an NSA whistleblower, and was also possibly the individual who leaked the 2014 (or 2015) Bilderberg meeting list.
And then things went bad. Andrew quit the Malaysia project and Aaron left Cisco. It seems Andrew and Aaron were "set up" during a fiery false flag event in the Czech Republic in 2015. It may have happened at an embassy, but it's unclear which. There is no information on the web about anything like this (afaik).
Aaron was immediately targeted and spent several years on the run. Allegedly, he was added to the list of victims in the so-called "Great Game".
The Great Game is the term used for an international assassination program where intelligence agencies share a list of targets to be neutralized. The German BND and Mossad are heavily involved, as other networks. Individuals targeted by the Great Game may be offed by actual assassins, or by NPC-like humans whose minds will be influenced by mind control tech (a la Matrix...say influencing someone to ram your car unwittingly ie).
As Aaron went on the lam, Andrew soon returned to the US, shell-shocked by his experience.
Both Andrew and Aaron continue to suffer from some sort of PTSD from these series of events, rendering Andrew largely incapacitated and Aaron scattered and discombobulated.
The Meat of the Matter
OK...where does that leave us? Why am I sharing all of this? I think there's much more to this story.
So let's start speculating! Everything I'm about to say is stuff that was told to me personally. I can't vouch for any of this information, though obviously I thought it was compelling enough to share.
Here's the gist: The so-called whistleblowers you see in the media are almost all fake.
This includes: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Thomas Drake and William Binney (hey look, his AMA is pinned on this sub right comment!). These individuals, and others, are controlled opposition. The real whistleblowers are severely punished.
For example, Bradley Manning was punished with chemical castration in jail. His "transformation" was chemically induced torture.
Andrew was not alone in his passion. There were lots of other young visionaries like him who dreamed of a freer and more transparent world.
In this story, Julian Assange was an intelligence asset...a psyop meant to steal the thunder from real activists like Andrew.
In this story, a small college-based "wiki" for government leaks was used as the model for an intelligence operation known as "wikileaks".
In this story, Andrew traveled to Iceland at some point in 2006.
When was Wikileaks founded? Wikileaks was founded by Julian Assange in December 2006, in Iceland.
Aaron discovered (legally, like Manning who had clearance to access all the data he leaked) damning information about surveillance happening by the NSA, specifically against recruits entering the US army and elsewhere.
In this story, the "Andrew" identity was co-opted and turned into "Julian Assange", and "Aaron" became "Edward Snowden".
Granted, there were probably other people that these whistleblower imposters were modeled after, but Andrew and Aaron seem like very strong contenders for some of this inspiration.
Now, much of the following may be gobbledygook (lol I spelled that right first try!) for all I know, but since I'm having a really hard time making sense of it all, I'll just include everything I can and let you guys run with it.
Here are some phrases, ideas, terms and people of note that may be involved with this story...MODS: None of this is doxing! All of the links of people are wikipedia pages or published interviews/articles. So yeah. Not dox!
I don't know how these terms, theories and individuals fit into this story, but that they may be somehow related.
Hopefully there are enough bread crumbs in here to keep some of you busy!
Any help/insight would be appreciated. I confess I'm not so tech-minded so I can't offer any more explanation about some of the more techy terms.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks for continuing to stimulate after all these years! It's really nice to see this place continuing to thrive after all of this time!
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A friend buys me a beer. He was in Brazil, I was in Berlin.

Last month, I told my friend I was in Berlin at Room77, and he promptly asked for the bar's address, wanting to buy me a beer from Brazil. Success!
I had a great chat with Mike Gogulski and the owner Joerg. Matonis was there earlier. I liked the atmosphere of the bar!
When I asked to pay the rest of the bill in bitcoins, the bartender, seconds later, like it was the most common thing in the world, showed me a QR code with the address and the value:
It was great to pay for nachos and beer with bitcoins, and have a friend instantly buys me a beer from so far away!
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An idea for the future: internet citizenship?

So I'm dropping this here because I suppose it's futuristic and the only other sub I could think of for it was /technology, but they don't allow text posts.
I've been reading about renouncing one's citizenship, and stateless people like Garry Davis and Mike Gogulski.
They renounced their US citizenship as a means of political protest. Others have done it to avoid conscription, nationalize in other countries, etc.
With the internet, we're becoming more and more of a global society. A group of activists in Idaho can hear all about something like the protests in Turkey and post pictures of themselves holding a big sign showing solidarity and the Turks can see that and start shouting at Erdogan that the US supports them, all in a matter of minutes. With the internet and better transportation technology we're transcending the landmasses and oceans that once kept our individual worlds relatively small. Hackers and activists are merging together to fight corruption digitally and things like Bitcoin are emerging which eliminate the need for national banking systems.
I think that in the future, society will become global instead of national (think Futurama, sorta.) The petty differences between countries will begin to clear up as people gain better access to information technologies and become more accepting of all our individual differences. If we discover extraterrestrial life (or it discovers us/ approaches us) this will happen even faster as it seems likely that whatever "galactic council" exists won't accept delegates from all 196 countries here, but would rather have "the representative of the planet locally known as Earth".
So what I'm ultimately trying to get at is this:
There's been more or less failed attempts in the past to establish things like a world passport. I would like to band together with other redditors, futurists, hackers, activists, programmers, engineers, creators, etc. and establish an organization that would basically function as a global, catch-all, free-thinking, peaceful country without a specific landmass. The nation of the internet per se.
It's all just ideas right now, but it'd have an official currency and language. Maybe Bitcoin and Esperanto in order to be totally neutral. No official religion because that shouldn't have jack shit to do with "government." We'd issue passports so people could freely travel around the world, and I suppose we'd have to have some sort of legal protection of our "citizens." Citizens would be free to maintain citizenship in other countries, not just ours. Maybe set up a secure online poll so citizens could vote directly on our issues. We'd probably want some sort of run-off election setup like CGPgrey explains in this video. Of course, direct democracy can have its flaws, so we'd want some sort of constitution to outline certain things. Maybe instead of saying what we want for our people in the constitution, we could outline what we don't want, that way we have a more solid basis of historical examples. We could establish aid to peoples in need, sorta like the UN does and we'd definitely support the sciences. We'd probably try to get recognized by the UN as an official country, but I think this is bigger than the UN. They should be absorbed into our nation of the world, we shouldn't be absorbed into them. As far as our views on human rights, they should basically be as liberal and open as possible. LGBTQIA rights, humanism, anti-rape, easy access to contraception and abortion, general pacifism, etc. We would definitely have a strong focus on education, but we would not now or ever have a need for a defense department for two reasons; war sucks, and as a nation comprised of free-thinking, accepting people from various traditional nations throughout the world, there's no specific target that potential enemies could attack. We might need cyber-defense, but that's actual defense, not America's idea of defense which seems to be "attack."
That's all I've got for now on it. Lemme know what you think and if you want to help. Start telling people about it and researching ideas. I might create a subreddit for it soon so we can easily discuss things.
TL;DR huckingfipster wants to create a global, internet-based "nation" with an extensive focus on humanism and freedom and all that good stuff in order to fight the inherent problems of our current nation states.
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Bitcoin2012 Conference - tickets open - first 100 for €40
Set in London just after the 2012 Olympics, on 15-16th September.
With a list of great speakers as long as your arm:
And more.
With talks, workshops and networking spread over two days and over 400 people attending this is going to be the bitcoin event not just of the year, but of the decade.
Tickets are on sale with the first 100 going for €40, get one soon they're going fast.
See here for more details.
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Favorites - YouTube The Iron Fist Behind The Invisible Hand: 1 Introduction Mike Gogulski: The 4th Pillar

Mike Gogulski. Gogulski at Devil's Bridge in Ceredigion, Wales in 2007. Born: Michael Jude Gogulski August 8, 1972 (age ... Bitcoin; References; External links; Early life. Gogulski's grandparents emigrated to the U.S. in the 19th century; his paternal grandparents from near Pozna ń, Poland and his maternal grandparents from Germany. Gogulski was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but his family moved ... Bitcoin for WP e-Commerce. A Bitcoin payment method for the WP e-Commerce shopping cart for WordPress.. Version: @@[email protected]@ Features. Generates a new bitcoin address for every order; Provides payment address to customer on site at checkout, plus in a subsequent email mikegogulski has 25 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. In 2010, Gogulski founded the Private Manning Support Network, which organised protests in support of Chelsea Manning (a U.S. soldier convicted of disclosing classified documents to WikiLeaks) and raised $50,000 to fund her legal defense. Bitcoin was originally registered and owned by Bitcoin's first two developers, Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi. When Nakamoto left the project, he gave ownership of the domain to additional people, separate from the Bitcoin developers, to spread responsibility and prevent any one person or group from easily gaining control over the Bitcoin project. 2011-2012. Bitcoin Core. From 2011 to ...

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Favorites - YouTube

The 4th Pillar Peer-to-peer identity and reputation, beyond the state and beyond Bitcoin My interpretation of cypherpunk utopia rests on four pillars: 1: Secure messaging. We have that since the ... exiledsurfer BIO exiledsurfer co-founded Bitcoiners Without Borders in 2013 together with no-statist Mike Gogulski and technologist / futurist Vinay Gupta. e... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Se alla dina favoriter bland videor och musik, ladda upp originalinnehåll och dela allt med vänner, familj och hela världen på YouTube. Kevin Carson's illusion shattering essay, read by Mike Gogulski. Since he mentions it in his introduction, I would ask that anyone listening keep in mind that Gogulski's personal choices about ...