KnCMiner Review: The Best and Top ASIC Miner....For Now

KNCminers CEO, Sam Cole dumping Bitcoins worth 466,000USD on various exchanges everyday.

As you all know, KNCminer builds and develops mining rigs used to mine SHA256-coins and Scrypt-coins. So far so good. What you dont know is that they bought an old helicopter-hangar in northern Sweden (5.500 m2) to simply mine Bitcoins with their powerful minings-rigs. "We make three million swedish crones (466,000USD) everyday from mining Bitcoins and selling, says Sam Cole, CEO KNCminer." My theory: KNCMiner have been mining lots of Bitcoins with their powerful rigs, dumping it on the market. When difficulty goes up they ship them to us for 9,995 dollar each. I think they are doing just the same with their new scrypt-rigs, just check litecoin difficulty: 80% harder to mine than one month ago, it is so obvious KNCMiner are mining loads of SCRYPT-currencies to dump on us. When difficulty have gone up, they will sell their used rigs to us.
Article translated:
Draws in half a billion on bitcoin
Swedish KNC Miner, which sells servers for mining bitcoin, has pulled in more than half a billion in revenue since its launch last summer. This extended operations with a new server for the excavation of another virtual currency, litecoin - a launch that already generated SEK 27 million in revenue.
In mid-February, the Swedish IT company KNC Miner hit the headlines with the news that they would build one of the largest data centers in Constance. The company is therefore the second, after Facebook, Norrbotten who choose to build a giant data center.
An old helicopter hangar at 5,500 square feet is now starting to be filled with KNC Miners specially developed servers that devotes his days to "break" new bitcoin. The virtual currency is produced namely of advanced servers cracking algorithms.
"We are serving more than three million dollars a day to resell the bitcoin we break ourselves," said Sam Cole, founder and vice president of KNC Miner with 80 employees and offices on West Higgins Road in central Stockholm.
Besides producing and selling bitcoin feeds KNC Miner to develop, build and sell specialized servers called bitcoinbrytning. The best seller is called Jupiter, which is now being followed up with twice as powerful server Neptune.
"Since the company was founded in June 2013, we had revenues of $ 78 million (half a billion dollars)," said Sam Cole, with his roots in Britain.
On Wednesday, the company rolled out a new line of servers they call Titan. Unlike the company's other products, the Titan server is not focused on bitcoin, but on the other virtual currencies.
"Titan is our first server that focuses solely on scripts basse conditioned virtual currencies Litecoin" said Sam Cole, referring to the currency that is currently the second most popular after bitcoin.
The new servers have been selling like hot cakes. On one day have KNC Miner received over a thousand orders for Titan servers.
"We have confirmed revenues of $ 4.2 million (27 million)," said Sam Cole.
In June it will be time for KNC Miner to close the books for their first year as a company. Sam Cole does not exclude in the first year will be a billion companies.
"We will have over 100 million dollars in revenue (640 million) for KNC Miner Group in late June, I can say with confidence," he says.
KNC Miner AB is based in Stockholm but has all of its revenues in dollars. Even when the company will charge you in bitcoin is careful to immediately switch the virtual currency to U.S. dollars, according to Sam Cole, who founded the company along with three Swedes.
Behind KNC Miner is two companies: Kennemar and Cole (founded Sam Cole and Andreas Kennemar) and ORSoC (founded by Marcus Erlandsson and Michael Unnebäck).
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KnC Miner []. KnC Miner is a Sweden-based (Boden) start-up cofounded by Andreas Kennemar and Sam Cole in 2013, when they merged their IT consulting firm KennemarAndCole AB (KNC) with the chip designer house ORSOC in order to produce better bitcoin mining hardware than was available at the time. During the following years, they managed to raise $32m in venture funding from investors, including ... You can order for this miner for approximately $ 2995. 4. Mercury (Update September, 2013: Discontinued) This Bitcoin miner is expected to provide the highest performance in the industry and somewhat lower power consumption per GH/s, and is being designed by the company in correspondence with ORSoC engineers. Some of the key anticipated ... The organization is famous the best bitcoin miner hardware manufacturer. It produces desktop equipment. The first model has got a capacity of 10 GH / s while the other offers 25 GH / s. Consumers are looking forward to release of Monarch. This device will have chip 28nm (300 GH / s and 600 GH / s), connect to the video card slot of the personal computer. But there are some doubts as for the ... The disclosed Bitcoin miner results are not final, and we aim to refine this further, and of course, positively. We have gone from chip verification to a volume production schedule of typically 4-6 months, and completed it in 24 hours. No one in the IC industry can deny the significance of what has been achieved. This is a world first. We had a little room for any error, and this forced us to ... KnCMiner has been setup to create mining equipments specifically designed and tailored for the Bitcoin market. The company is a joint venture between two companies, ORSoC AB and Kennemar & Cole AB. ORSoC is a company with expertise within embedded electronic development, focusing on FPGA and ASIC design. With approximately 10 years in the industry,…

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