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[Confidential] Planning for F*-Day

Guys, we should start detailed planning for F*-day.
Below is a very rough draft of the script for the upcoming bit-coin fork, as proposed by the Field Op managers at last week's meeting. Read it carefully and bring any suggestions etc. to the next meeting [Note 0]. Special Agents Neckbeard, SwampThing, NakaTuring, and BitSavior will be receiving additional details through the usual channel (if the backlog clears in time).
All times are UTC of F*-day. You must all have received a Chinese fortune cookie at the Friday brunch with the date; please keep it secret. (Harry, the janitor says that you left yours on the table; please see him ASAP.)
[Note 0] The next Field Ops meeting may be delayed since His Scaliness the Sub-Vice Lizard showed up for a snack and we are now looking for a replacement Secretary. Please keep your cochlear implants tuned for further announcements.
[Note 1] All values and coin amounts in these minutes have been computed with a javascript implementation of the Solidity bistromathics library, with sinking-point arithmetic, in order to confuse any enemy agents who may be reading this forum.
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1st Monthly Unitus Community Update! (October/17)

Welcome to the 1st Official Unitus Community Update! The community update will be released during the 1st week of every month from now on.
What is Unitus?
Unitus is about bringing together smaller crypto-currencies and the communities that support them into a larger group capable of greater change, influence and innovation, whilst allowing each to maintain their own unique identities.
Who is Unitus?
Unitus is compromised of a bunch of passionate individuals who really want it to succeed. It is not one single person or entity. It is whoever is apart of it. The developers, team members, volunteers, investors, community and whoever else. We are all equal here and everybody is treated as such.
What is the direction of Unitus?
The direction is all about improving UIS in any fashion possible. The development, mining, marketing, exchanges, branding, the community and anything/everything else.
Things on the current roadmap have been going smoothly. Core Wallet Update
We are happy to officially announce that the major project for 2017, an update of the codebase of Unitus is complete! Unitus was initially based on bitcoin core 0.9.3 , which is now 3 years old. We've been working hard to rebase Unitus on bitcoin core 0.14.2, which brings some significant updates including:
Some of these changes are immediate, others are network level changes that will be introduced as more people adopt the new client. Key to all of this is compatibility with existing wallets and network nodes, thus major new features that are available in Bitcoin have not yet been enabled. We will evaluate in the future what features to enable, depending on what occurs upstream.
Release of the new wallet, including pre-compiled binary files for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Raspbian are out now!
We're also working on a major re-styling of the wallet, to give us a unique identity.
Paper Wallet Generator
Just released a little while ago, this is now available at
Electrum Wallet
Preliminary work on an Electrum port for Unitus has started. This will give people a faster and light-weight option instead of the full core wallet.
Other development projects
All of these are included in our current roadmap, work on these is on-going:
A new, updated roadmap will also be published soon with other projects for the future.
Unitus Mining Pool -
Always popular with Argon2d miners, the mining pool has been encountering a few growing pains recently, but we're working hard on that to ensure high uptime and maximum rewards!
We are glad to announce that MasterZeus, has just updated and released the UIS Argon2d calculator.
We've also implemented merge mining support, allowing us to mine other coins that share on of our proof-of-work, and then exchange those coins for more UIS. This has proven to be popular for Skein miners, and we're looking to add additional coins across the spectrum of algorithms.
What is merge mining?
Merge mining is what sets Unitus apart from many other cryptocurrencies. It allows us to essentially get free hashrate to secure the network, with no additional workload for miners. The miner does nothing extra. He just works away looking for those good hashes. The brains of the operation is in the pool, but the result is the same work for the miner with higher rewards, coins coming from both wallets, and network security for Unitus at no extra cost. Everyone wins!
Coins you can currently merge mine with Unitus
Adzcoin (ADZ) ArcticCoin (ARC) Artex (ATX) AuroraCoin (AUR) Beach (SAND) Beonpush (BOPS) Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) Bolivar (BOLI) Bows (BSC) CannabisCoin (CANN) Centurion (CNT) Coexist (COXST) Coino (CNO) CopyPasta (CTRLV) Dash (DASH) Digibyte (DGB) Eryllium (ERY) Fal (FAL) GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Granite (GRN) Happy (HPC) Influxcoin (INFX) Join (J-x-11) Kash (KASH) Kurrent (KURT) Linked (LXC) Marijuana (MAR) Marx (MARX) Mavrodi (MMM) Mind (MND) Monetary Unit (MUE) Myriad (XMY) Ofw (OFW) OGN (OGN) Ozzie (OZC) PIZZA (PIZZA) Prime-XI (PXI) Seven (SEV) StartCoin (START) Vault (VLTC) Verge (XVG) VertCoin (VTC) VirtaPlus (XVP)
And growing!
You may have noticed that there are a few different colored UIS logos floating around the internet. Black chains and multi colored chains. Well, we are officially announcing that in a branding effort, the color Grey will be our main color. The official Unitus logo will be Grey on white. We feel that it is clean and neutral look. Grey on black will also be used for other UIS related headers, images and such. Other promotional material that is already out may still be used.
Unitus has had solid development for years, but has lacked a bit in the marketing department. Now that we have committed on the branding, we can ramp up the marketing. We have just hired a new member to the team ~6 weeks ago, and he has been doing a good job on twitter getting attention and followers in the mean time prior to the news announcements in this thread.
In a marketing effort, we would like to officially announce the creation of the United Crypto Alliance (UCA)! It will consist of Unitus and other cryptocurrencies that are merge mineable with UIS. The goal of the (UCA) will be to promote each other, therefore creating a synergistic effect that will benefit everybody involved. We would like to formally introduce Myriad (XMY) as the 1st member of the (UCA) besides Unitus! Stay tuned for more information regarding this!
The community has been growing at a very good rate recently. Ever since we picked up our social media activity last month, we have been accruing a good amount of Slack members and Twitter followers. Right now we have over 400 total Slack members and over 1100 twitter followers. The Slack channel has been a lot more active recently as a result. You can get a pretty fast response to a question asked there. We currently have some very intelligent and friendly members. You can currently reach us at these places and we are also currently expanding to other platforms which will be announced.
Website: Twitter: Reddit: ANN Thread: Slack:
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