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Industry Insight shared by WaykiChain CEO, Gordon Gao

I think it’s the best thing that can happen to DeFi. Because all these things help expose underlying problems, such as economic bubble, indiscriminate leverage, credit crisis, which can cause people to distrust the financial system. And DeFi is the revolution against the traditional financial system, it is a complete subversion. Paul Jones thinks that the government over issued currencies, so he needs to transit his assert to Bitcoin. Crisis means opportunity. The traditional financial system has long-existing problems. Most of the assets were made by capitalists, some in reasonable ways, while the others are simply robbery. But most of the people didn’t realize it. Henry Ford says, people don’t even know how our currencies and bank system works, which is good, since if they know, there will be a revolution before the next morning. Now all kinds of black swan events can make people aware of risks, and before the final risk comes, choose a more transparent and fair way to participate in finance.

Most public chains have explored for a long time. Last year, many people said that the public chain industry was dead, but I feel that they just didn’t find the rigid demand for landing applications. Now everyone has begun to understand that DeFi is the best way out of the public chain. WaykiChain started to develop the first product of DeFi in March last year-The stablecoin and collateral loan agreement (WaykiCDP). However, it was not popularly called as DeFi at that time. Now, what we start with is to find a rigid-demanded scenario for the blockchain landing, and shorten the user’s path to enter into ecology. In this circle, most of the people are speculators and investors who hold two big needs of borrowing and making money, and DeFi is doing this business. From another perspective, the emergence of Bitcoin has created a new currency, and the role of public chains and smart contracts is to allow the currency to circulate under certain rules. Isn’t this just finance? In other words, if blockchain can’t even do finance, then it is just a scam.
The size of the DeFi industry can be roughly measured by the value of lock-up. Ethereum, as the largest DeFi platform at present, occupies most of the market share. Now the lock-up value on Ethereum is around USD 1 billion. Since last year, other public chains have started to have DeFi applications, including WaykiChain, cosmos, Polkadot, TRON, etc. The current DeFi scale on WaykiChain is not as good as Ethereum in terms of absolute volume, but in terms of the proportion of DeFi locks, WaykiChain definitely has the highest proportion so far, reaching the total of 17%. In terms of absolute volume, only niche players in the currency circle participate in DeFi, but DeFi has maintained market growth in the past two years, and the amount of lock-up positions has risen sharply, so the entire market still has a lot of room for each project party to explore.
I like this question, so I will spend more time explaining it.
I think the difference of DeFi can be shown in 3 points:

DeFi can change the role people play in the financial system. In traditional finance, as an ordinary user, your role and participation process are very limited. However, this limitation is determined by all aspects, such as the credit problem, the threshold of the number of funds, as well as the license and the threshold of power, and so on. Such limitations often make ordinary users vulnerable groups in the financial system. And under the rules of the top class, wealth will always flow to the top. For example, global currencies have been issued continuously, have we participated in the decision? No. Has it been issued to individuals? No. We can only see that the world keeps issuing money, and the money in our hands is depreciating, while there is nothing we can do. But DeFi is different. Let me give an example. WaykiChain DeFi's governance coin WGRT, the holder has both the power of governance parameters and the benefits of the interest and penalty of the entire system. This is a role you cannot play in traditional finance. In DeFi system, it is full of fairness.
DeFi can reduce financial costs. Since the beginning of the industrial era, the global financial structure has remained unchanged, relying heavily on various intermediate institutions. Central banks, investment banks, commercial banks, securities companies, etc. It can be said that any financial activity needs to have more than one intermediary profit from it. For example, in addition to the loss of the price difference of a transaction, a transaction also includes brokerage commissions, exchange transaction fees, stamp duties of regulatory authorities, etc. The price difference earned by these so-called "middlemen" makes them the richest class in the world. However, DeFi adopts an open protocol and provides low-cost financial services for everyone at low cost, which greatly reduces the cost of transactions.
DeFi can improve the efficiency of finance. Blockchain enables financial transactions to achieve transaction settlement. It has gone beyond the traditional settlement system of financial institutions. When it comes to cross-border transactions. In terms of the transfer, a cross-border transfer can sometimes take several days, but in the blockchain system or DeFi system, the actual ownership of assets has changed when the transaction occurs.
There’s one more point that I want to mention that is DeFi can derive something that traditional finance doesn’t have. For example, the constant product market maker is an innovative product in the field of DeFi. We believe that DeFi can not only improve and improve the original traditional finance but also have more innovations to be discovered. The CTO of our team wrote such a sentence in the introduction of WaykiChain code: “the only limitation of the blockchain is our imagination.”
There should still be some people who have invested in the DeFi project. This year's link, knc, and mkr are all DeFi concepts, and they all have good market performance, including WaykiChain is also a DeFi concept, and our community is not small. It's just that few people are using DeFi products. In fact, not only a few people use DeFi products, but also fewer people who put coins in wallets to play any application in addition to the use of exchanges to speculate coins in the currency circle. For example, I got data before that showed only 14,000 people on Ethereum participate in DeFi. DeFi currently lacks a popular hit, like Dapp's ethernet cat, fomo3D, which can mobilize the market's passion at once. WaykiChain will release a DeFi product called Wayki-X in the second half of this year. Concerning synthetic asset transactions, we are confident that this product will become a hot issue.

The first-level potential users of DeFi are users of public chain tokens, especially for collateral-type DeFi applications. For example, users who hold ETH are potential users of DeFi on Ethereum. Only if I look high on ETH, I will collateral ETH for various other financial activities. The same is true for WaykiChain. So if most of the non-DeFi public chains are removed, and most Bitcoin holders, this first-level potential user is still very limited. The second-level potential users are DeFi participants, such as participating in DEX transactions, or using other assets to purchase DeFi stable coins for investment and so on. The third-level potential users are some users outside the circle. They will take advantage of income opportunities, such as wealth management and other applications to come in contact with DeFi. This most extensive market has not been well developed.
Ethereum already has an integrated DeFi ecosystem, and there are plenty of branches on it, plus a lot of public chains have poured into the DeFi track this year. However, the current scale of DeFi users is still small, and many people are worried that so many public chains are pouring into the DeFi track, but the market can’t digest so many DeFi products, thus they may finally be of varying quality. Are you worried about this problem?
I am not worried. First of all, the advantage of Ethereum is not that great. The DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum can be said to be in full bloom, but it is not integrated. In addition, Ethereum now establishes DeFi in a savage way of development. I feel that it is just a child who plays on the beach and cannot build a skyscraper. The financial system needs to be framed, at least the asset standards should be unified, the pricing unit should be unified, and the liquidity measurement standards should be unified. DeFi on Ethereum does not have all these uniformities above, so many problems have arisen this year. Although the single-module product looks fine, once it comes to the “interoperability” that DeFi on Ethereum is proud of, three particularly serious security incidents occurred. Another thing is that if users want to use DeFi on Ethereum completely, they have to cross many products, and each time they exchange currency, they must bear the loss of the price difference, which will disperse the liquidity of DeFi.
WaykiChain’s thinking is different from that of Ethereum. What WaykiChain wants to do is an integrated DeFi public chain, which means that we will unify the currency, unify the standard of asset release, unify the valuation unit, and unify the liquidity. Based on those preconditions, then smart contracts use imagination to build more products, and ultimately provide users with a one-stop DeFi experience. The market covered by DeFi is huge, so we don’t worry about competition. If you introduce 1% of Bitcoin’s market value to any public chain, it is enough to support a very large DeFi project, not to mention the introduction of traditional assets in the future.
In the near term, although DeFi’s volume has developed rapidly, it is still very small. The current market value of the digital currency is about more than 270 billion US dollars, but the collateral in the DeFi agreement is only 1 billion US dollars. I think it will reach 20 billion US dollars in two years. It can be seen that the future market is still very broad. In addition to the need to compete for the Bitcoin market, mature public chains are also a development idea for DeFi empowerment of other public chains. For the ceiling of DeFi development, it is not yet seen now, but the first bottleneck that may be encountered is how to release off-chain assets to the blockchain to expand the overall DeFi market cap.
The BTC market is the most attractive part of DeFi. Let me explain a few things.

1.For BTC currency holders, these people are optimistic about BTC for a long time, but when they lack liquidity at hand, they need a loan agreement to help them get some cash. However, the centralized financial platform has various security risks, such as asset theft, asset misappropriation, or platform running. Some money holders who pay special attention to security will choose the DeFi protocol.

  1. In terms of DeFi projects, the market value and volume of BTC is the largest, so whoever can occupy the BTC market will become a giant.

For the DeFi market, BTC itself does not have programmability, so any other public chain needs to do a cross-chain protocol to introduce BTC, so the largest market provides the most fair competition environment. WaykiChain introduced a decentralized cross-chain mechanism in the upcoming public chain version 3.0. After going online, users can collateral BTC or ETH to generate stablecoin. At the same time, the interest paid by users, as well as the penalties that are cleared in the middle, are also to be repurchased for the destruction of WGRT.

First, the form of products will be more diversified, and many innovative products will appear.

Second, the product will be more professional and have a better experience, while providing one-stop financial services. This is the direction that WaykiChain is currently doing.

Third, the DeFi on the public chain will expand through cross-chain. For example, as mentioned earlier, the DeFi on the public chain will compete for the Bitcoin market. However, in addition to competing for the Bitcoin market, the market for more small currencies cannot be ignored. We will also try to use the WaykiChain DeFi system to empower other small currencies or public chains. So that their currency users can also enjoy the financial services brought by DeFi. This market has not yet been explored.
We want to build the world's first integrated DeFi public chain.

The development of WGRT is inseparable from the promotion and use of stablecoin WUSD. Therefore, our follow-up plan is mainly to build more products around the stable currency system to empower WUSD.

At the end of July this year and early August, we will launch a new product called WaykiX, which is a synthetic asset trading platform that can trade almost all types of assets in the world.

After that, we will also launch WUSD financial management, so that the currency holders can enjoy a fixed income. At the same time, we will also develop asset securitization business, and publish some high-quality asset targets on WaykiChain, such as Vietnam real estate, European and American government bonds, etc., while expanding the volume of DeFi assets on WaykiChain, to the community more Investment opportunities.
Yes, I will answer in terms of two levels, the first level is the ecological level, and the second level is the level of the entire coin itself.

From an ecological perspective, the quality of WGRT depends on the entire stablecoin system, and whether more people can use it. The stablecoin WUSD develops well, so the whole WGRT becomes the biggest beneficiary. In fact, the series of DeFi products we created later are all based on the stablecoin WUSD, such as the Wayki-X synthetic asset trading platform. After the Wayki-X synthetic asset trading platform is launched at the end of July and early August, the market will have a lot of demand for WICC. We will also use this platform as a fist product of this year to promote, so as to ensure the benefit of the entire WGRT. In addition, the real estate in Vietnam and the national debt in Europe are based on financial products issued by WUSD, and they will also promote the development of WGRT.

The WGRT coin will be launched on OKEx, and then some high-quality second-tier exchanges will be listed to enhance its liquidity. When the liquidity is sufficient, we will also impact other first-tier exchanges, including domestic first-tier and international first-tier exchanges.
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Darico(DEC) ICO Review

Darico is an asset-backed digital currency that is developed precisely to provide small investors with a more accessible and safer gateway for purchasing cryptocurrencies.
Darico Analysis What is Darico all about? Darico (Decentralized, Asset-Backed, Return-Focused, Investment-Grade Coin) has been developed for empowering small investors by providing them with professional cryptocurrency investment tools that will help them to make more informed investment (cryptocurrency) decisions.
It significantly embodies a unique position with its precise combination of assets (gold, Bitcoin, and Ethereum) as a base. The DEC token is created for achieving its unique goal by effectively solving the problems and shortcomings associated with traditional economic systems. The ecosystem of this platform will consist of exchange services, debit card, index fund, wallet, terminal, liquidity pool and a wide range of cryptocurrency trading-related services.
How does Darico work? This project will be backed with 35% of gold, which will be held in custodial vaults in Switzerland. The remaining percentage of DEC tokens will be purportedly backed with 10% of ether and 55% of Bitcoin.
The investors will enjoy the high growth potential of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum while also accessing the stability of gold. The Darico will provide the investors the benefits of both worlds by precisely basing the value of DEC tokens on cryptocurrencies and gold.
Until the tokens will reach a total supply value of 240 million, this digital currency will have a genesis accounts for emitting new tokens on a daily basis for next 18 years. Based on their current holdings, the holders of genesis account will timely shares emission of the DEC tokens. Moreover, the ownership of the genesis account will be transferable.
What Darico aims to be? This organization aims to make it simple for the general public to access the mammoth potential of investing in cryptocurrencies. It is developed to gain a high degree of liquidity and adoption of different cryptocurrencies.
A number of new products are expected by this company to be launched by the end of 2018. A messenger app for this project will be launched in the first quarter of 2018. It is expected that a trading module for the messenger app will be launched in the second quarter of 2018.
Cryptocurrency and indexes pools for the messenger app will be launched in the third quarter of 2018. In the third quarter of 2018, it is expected that the investment funds of this project will be launched. Finally, in the fourth quarter of 2018, this company will launch the smart mortgage.
What problems Darico are solving? Solve the problem of high volatility High volatility will generate high risk in the portfolio of small investors. It means that the small investor will swing between loss and profit within the small time frame. This will uneventfully lead to significant losses to the small investors if their investment fails.
The Darico will provide the small investors with the controlled volatility of investment portfolio. It will mean that investor is more likely to make consistent and more stable profit over-time. This platform will enable the portfolio of the investor to grow with minimal risk.
Solve the problem of overload information The boom in the values of different ICO tokens such as CoinLion, CoinStarter, BunnyToken, PocketInns, Serenity, Lendoit has attracted more investors to the market. The overwhelming cascade of new information that pours from the market every day is one of the major problems that affect both mature as well as a new investor. This project will aim to solve the problem of overload information by providing them necessary investment tools and all the essential information required for making a good investment.
What is Darico new innovation? The entire Darico project will be precisely built on the cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology. DEC tokens of the investors will be stored and traded using their secure wallet. The digital asset based firm will keep all the funds purchased in cold storage, reputable and third-party vaults, which are located in secure and safe locations of Switzerland.
In order to carry out the mining of these tokens, this platform will make use of proof of work (POW) algorithm of Ethereum cryptocurrency. In addition, the emission protocol of this project will be implemented by using the smart contract of Ethereum. The new tokens will be emitted at a specific rate by the Genesis account due to the smart contracts of Ethereum. Through the “delegated proof of ownership”, the DEC tokens will be systematically emitted. The Genesis account, which is labeled as DRX, will execute the smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
Why is Darico a good project? Investors will be able to access a wide range of services, apps, wallets that will effectively provide them with information, liquidity and security to invest in ICO tokens such as CrowdWiz, Mirocana, Requitix, ODEM, Luckbox with complete peace of mind, which comes from knowing that they have all the information and necessary tools at their fingertip that are required for making strong cryptocurrency investment.
Token Price and Token Sale Pre ICO sale for DEC tokens The pre Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for this asset-based cryptocurrency will take place throughout December 2017. Investors can buy DEC tokens during the pre-token sale for solidifying their position as a genesis node. Early investors will be able to emit DEC tokens over a period of 18 years in case of genesis node.
DEC ICO sale ICO of DEC tokens will start from January 30th, 2018. The ICO sale for this token will run for six months and will end on the 30th July 2018.
Total 240 million DEC tokens are created. Out of 240 million DEC tokens, 60 million will be issued to the earlier investor during the main ICO sale.
Early investors will be avail be to purchase 1 DEC tokens will be $1. To participate in this ICO, early investors need to make a minimum investment of US$10. Investors will be able to purchase 110 DEC tokens by trading one Ethereum coin. DEC tokens issued during ICO that are not sold will be destroyed.
Distribution of DEC tokens 25% of the tokens will be allocated to the public during the ICO. 5% of the DEC tokens will be reserved for ongoing operational costs, founders, advisors, and team. Over the next 18 years, the remaining 67.5% DEC tokens will be mined through the process of Genesis account. Team associated with Darico The project is supported by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who hold expertise in their area of work. The core members consist of Mojtaba Asadia (Founder & CEO), Solange Basseterre (Project Manager) and Ihor Pidruchny (Blockchain Architect).
Brief summary about Darico It was difficult for any new investor to keep an eye on the market as a digital currency could be developed by anyone. Darico ecosystem will be an excellent platform for both new and mature investors to thrive. This ecosystem will provide the investor with all the necessary tools, wallet, information, and other services that will help them to make a good investment. Due to its strong market awareness, fundamentals and a team of dedicated professionals, this project has great potential for both short as well as long-term financial gains.
Website: https://darico.io Whitepaper: https://darico.io/en/Darico-Whitepaper.pdf
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Baptism by Fire (an 80% true combat report)

I log into the private session knowing my wingmate will be getting on soon but I wanted to work out a few things with my keybinds before we head out into the black. VR is incredible in this game but it does require a bit more effort to get everything just the way you want.
I'm still getting used to my new Vulture. I've managed to fit "Mitch the Witch" with some good modules and enough firepower to put a hurt on the big ships. I'm loving the way she flies, but maneuvering in combat takes too much brainpower for me to be fully effective. The gimbaled mutli-cannon I've managed to engineer make up for my poor aim, but I need to land more shots with the fixed pulse lasers. I know I just need time to adapt to my HOTAS/rudder controls until the 6 dof ballet is second nature and keeping "Mitch" out of trouble becomes a reflex.
Commander Guy is online now. We wing up and get into voice chat just as he exits the station in his green Chieftan aptly named "Kermit". I've grown very fond of seeing "Kermit" on my scopes in the last few days. I'd still be hopelessly grinding massacre missions had Commander Guy not invited me to join in on some very profitable bounty hunting at the last Community Goal. He's not just a wing man, he's really become my mentor.
I've been playing ED on and off now for many months, but it wasn't until we started flying together that I really enjoyed everything it has to offer. Plus, there's so much I didn't know that I didn't know. I'm already a much better pilot having learned from Guy. So I can't wait to see what we'll be doing next...
Me: What's the plan for tonight?
Guy: We're hunting Thargoids
Me: Very funny. I've unlocked Selene Jean so we could mine some --
Guy: No seriously, this week's CG is hunting Thargoids which includes the scouts. We're not ready for the big aliens, but you can handle a few of the little guys.
Me: Uh...okay. I've never even seen a Thargoid yet...but if you say so....... aren't the scouts kinda hard to hit?
Guy: Not for me. Git Gud.
A few jumps later we arrive in Socho and start the drive out to Dantec station. On the way we stopped for a few necessities. Guy insisted we each get a set of decon limpets. I hesitated because have to give up some chaff and kill my FSD to fit the power but Guy's advice has never let me down yet, so I buy them. I've never used a limpet before so I guess I'll just have to figure it out along the way. Guy also fits Kermit with a Xeno Scanner and I replace Mitch's remaining chaff launcher with heat sinks. Apparently chaff won't do us any good against the scouts and heat sinks will be handy when I boost the shields.
Up until now, my combat experience consisted mainly of Haz Rez Bounty Hunting and while that was fun, I wouldn't describe it as particularly scary especially when big brother Guy was doing most of the work. So the thought that came to mind as we casually dropped into the Non-Human Threat 4 signal source was simply:
Well, this outta be different
The next fifteen minutes were a maelstrom of panic, excitement, confusion and exhilaration.
Me: ...how is my hull damaged??...I'VE STILL GOT SHIELDS!!
Guy: Don't Panic...
Me: ...are they all shooting at ME?? I feel like they're ALL SHOOTING AT ME!!
Guy: It just starts intense, you'll be fine once we pick a few off.
Me: I don't even think I'm making a dent....I can't tell h---
Guy: I'll call out their hull. He's at 10%. When he pops make sure you avoid th-----
KA-POOF too late....
corrosive substance detected
Me: WTF?! You only said THE MISSILES did caustic damage! Holy S*!# I'm DOWN to 50%!!
Guy: Relax, pull out and use the decon limpet. You'll be fine...
limpet destroyed
Guy: I said PULL OUT, you can't take fire while using it.
Me: I've only got ONE LEFT!!!!
Guy: Then don't screw it up!
I put the furball on my six and boost to get Mitch the hell outta there. All I can do now is wait for the constant thwaap thwaap thwaap on my shields to end....IF it ends. I don't have time for this...36% and falling. thwaap thwaap What the hell was he thinking?!?! I can't handle this. thwaap This isn't a fair fight. I need a Chieftan....28%..... I don't want to rebuy!!! This was a mistake. I am so screwed.
I accept my fate as poor Mitch limps through space with nothing but the strained hum of her engines to usher her to death......WAIT.....the guns, they've stopped!
What are you doing you idiot--USE THE LIMPET!
corrosive substance neutralized
Whoa. Too Close. Ok...Let's re-asses. Hull back up to 30%, Shields fully charged. Guy just popped the second Xeno so they're down to two. Maybe I can do this...
Reverse course, full power to Systems. Let's go Mitch, we're not done yet!
As we charge back into the fray I notice how pretty the green lasers spewing from Kermit are against the backdrop of the Thargoid ships and I allow myself a moment to enjoy the lightshow. Commander Guy has been handling just fine without me but I detect a hint of relief in his voice when I get back into range.
Guy: Nice of you to join us. Did you enjoy your break time?
Me: No, No I did not. We're gonna have words after this.
Kidding aside, I was filled with a newly discovered confidence. Despite the damage, Mitch seemed to have an extra pip in her step. I was catching up with the events around me and finally starting to build my situational awareness. I went from reacting, to anticipating. A switch had been flipped and I was ahead of the curve now.
My shots began hitting their target and I was evading most of the incoming fire. OH yeah baby, I got this.
That first alien took forever to go down, but this guy seem to melt under the focused fire of Kermit and Mitch. Side by side we poured pulse lasers and multi-cannon ammo into this poor alien. Guy was calling out the hull strength once again and this time I veered away in time to avoid the corrosive cloud. I did a beautiful FA OFF boosted 180 maneuver and immediately started firing at the last scout hot on Guy's six. It was the kind move Tom Cruise would have envied.
So there I was, in a 4G negative dive with this Thargoid when all of a sudden Guy decides now would be a good time to scoop up that precious Xeno material.
Me: Are you F#*$%! kidding me? Get back here. I've only got a 25% hull left!
Guy: This will only take a sec. He's just shooting at me anyways. We gotta get these things before they de-spawn.
Me: ...but....
Guy: Look, I'll grab the propulsion elements while you get the weapon parts. We split it 50/50.
What the hell, why not? I've never done a combat scoop before but there's a first time for everything. Retract hardpoints, boost towards the cargo. Gotta keep my speed up or I'm a sitting duck. I've got my thumb on the cargo scoop switch now, eyes on the distance remaining...2km, closing fast...wait for it....where's that scout? He's turned on me but still out of range....wait for it.....1.2 km......almost....there.......700m.........NOW!
Cargo scoop open--Full reverse thrust....scanners say way too fast.....c'mon slow down....thrust right, keep it centered....collision warning.....
I'm expecting the humiliating thud of cargo on the canopy but to my delight I hear blipity bip
Cargo Acquired
thwaap thwaap
The scout is on me now and he got another good chunk of my hull with that volley. Weapons out, back to maneuvering speed. Now I'm just mad.
Blasted Guy where are you?!
I proceed to dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge the follow-on attacks and finally start to return fire. I'm doing work, but I just don't have enough hull to last.
I consider making a run for it. It will take a while for my FSD to power up so it's now or never. I'm just about to call it quits when I see green flashes hit the scouts hull and from my left side Commander Guy slides his ship right between me and the alien. Way to go Kermit!
Thank god. I take a deep breath and start to relax. Guy is really tearing into this thing too. I guess having me as bait makes it even easier for him to do his thing. My hull remaining is 16%. Not bad I thought as I happily watch the scouts hull fall faster than bitcoin. Then...a new sound catches my attention.
Incoming Missile........Target Destroyed
Of course. Why wouldn't the dying gasp corrosive attack from that last ship be aimed at me. I've got about 1 second to react. I know...I'll try spinning, that's a good trick.
Ba-doom...Corrosive substance detected
Welp...we gave it our best shot Mitch. I have no regrets and at least we went down fighti----
Guy: ----Get over here!
Guy: You're out of limpet range. FLY TO ME!
Holy shneikies I forgot he had decon limipets too!
Hull 11%
We're both flying full speed. Head to head...
In range....YES YES....wait....hit the brakes.....stop!....NO!!!
Out of range...NO NO NO....
Hull 8%
Bring it around....back in range...Limpet launched.
6% I can't look....
Corrosive substance neutralized
Me: ....
Guy: Hey look at that, just in time.
Me: ...
Guy: Alright, lets turn in these materials and re-arm. Ready?
Me: Sigh You bet.
So that's the story one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had playing any game. I don't think I've ever had such an emotional roller coaster. But the highlight for me was the meaningful teamwork that played out in this scenario and I couldn't be happier with this particular event. I know FDev has issues, but last night, everything aligned for me to enjoy this game at a level I usually only dream of.
Thanks for reading Commanders
EDIT: Words and grammer
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U. R.

The prompt on the laptop screen was humorous.
C H _ _ C H
“What's missing from CHURCH?”
In the soup bowl of muted light and diseased shadow, the sun blazed through the room. A bell tinkled. The door to the internet cafe swung open at that moment.
Those infrequent moments always irritated me. They also irritated the three other people at the internet cafe. All of us in unison shot a look to the door, our pupils in a painful retreat from a wide pool of blackness to a pinpoint of ink as our senses took in the late afternoon sun.
A young Asian, maybe no older than 20, slipped inside the room, cheap cigarette smoke eddying around motes of dust in the sunlight. In a moment later, the dimness returned to the room as the door closed and the kid went to the cafe attendant.
That return of the dim glow of red lamps was like a sheltering blanket. And all of us sitting at lonely terminals to our own personal tunnels to sin roved our eyes back to our respective computer screens.
The machine I commanded at the moment was a laptop. It wasn't mine.
When I checked in and gave the attendant my credit card – “Yeah, charge me for six hours” -- the room was sparsely populated. Four other men huddled at monitors, far from one another and tall formica dividers between them, a ploy for privacy.
“Sixty dollar,” he said, his voice staccato with strained English.
“Okay, fine. I want the vegetable plate.”
Not all internet cafes are necessarily up-and-up businesses. This one, in a name I couldn't decipher since the marquee atop the cracking facade of the aging strip center, was in Korean. Or maybe Japanese. Vietnamese? I didn't know, and really, I didn't care. All I knew of the place that showed up as “South Business Center 2” on my credit card was that it was normally deserted, never asked questions about your web browsing habits and had a host of computers that connected to Tor Onion – an online browser that dived like an Olympic champ into the deep, dark web.
It was there, in the salacious hallways of this untraceable online realm, I would market my chemical wares, a litany of homemade drugs I would sell for a handsome profit to a shadowy customer base of anonymous buyers using Bitcoin and Paypal transactions with the help of UPS overnight services. Most of my drugs were prescription medicines, the kind that required a psychiatrist to request, but thanks to my degree in chemistry and friends at various physician offices, I had a ready supply.
Look, I make no excuses for my illegal activity. But I'm confessing this to explain how I fell into this surreal, Kafkaesque rabbit hole.
At South Business Center 2, the “vegetable plate” granted you access to a computer with access to the deep web. All for just an additional $15.
The cost hardly mattered. After all, this was an active clone Visa card I obtained for just $100 a month earlier on a deep website.
The attendant, whose face was cracked with age and spoke with an accent I guessed originated from somewhere in Eastern Europe, slipped my card back to me, nodded and muttered, “Station 12.”
And that's where I find myself at the moment. A laptop at Station 12. A yellow Post-It note curled next to the touchpad. On it was a series of numbers interspersed by periods. It was a Tor website address. Beneath that was a yellow smiley face sticker. I assumed someone who used the computer before me had left the address when he left.
If curiosity is fatal to cats, then call me a Calico. But that address was going to be impossible to resist.
When I pumped the numbers on the keypad into the address bar, the screen blacked out for a moment. Then a faint image appeared on the screen. My brain puzzled what I was seeing after a few moments. All in sharp black-and-white, an alter appeared in what could have been described as a sawdust-infested barn. On the worn floor, planks appeared to be a crudely drawn pentagram adorned with archaic symbols that reminded me of ones straight from my old Dungeons & Dragons manuals when I was a kid.
A moment later, that quizzical question overlaid the image on the screen, followed by the blinking cursor prompt.
The answer was obvious in an amateurish way. U. R.
What's missing from church? You are.
I typed the two letters into the prompt.
Like all good Tor websites steeped in churlish mystery, this one paused a moment before continuing. Then text replied, “Yes. You are.”
There was a sudden series of five bright flashes from my computer screen, like a camera flash. My sight was momentarily blinded, and I felt that intrusive irritation I got when the cafe door opened a few minutes before. But I could not break my eyes away from the screen. From those flashes, I saw what looked like faint waves, like some post-modern artist's attempt at interpreting wavelengths modulating in languid arcs back and forth across my sight. Those waves bled from the screen, crawled snakelike over the keys and locking my eyes further into the screen.
The world turned black. I'm not sure for how long. In hindsight, I may have actually passed out at the computer. But when the world swirled back to my present, I was still facing the laptop.
The chromatic scene of that church interior returned on the screen, complete with the encircled star symbol on the floor. But the image was no longer a static one.
At each point of the star on the pentagram appeared cam footage of a seated figure. Each person slumped against what looked like rickety cushioned office chairs, their faces gazing in empty fascination into a dim red sky and their necks painted in a dark liquid that emanated from a slit along their necks, the rich crimson of blood pouring from severed jugulars.
I was transfixed, both perplexed and absorbed at the images on the screen. I felt my lips split into an involuntary mix between a sneer of disgust and humor. At the final spear tip of the pentagram, another cam image appeared. My own face, contorted with morbid fascination, confusion and curiosity gazed back at me from the image. Live and in real time. My smile widened. What an interesting prank. Clever and very involved.
I continued to study the scene when ice began to crawl some monstrous glacier from my inert brain through the rest of my body. Those other figures, those other men. I recognized them. Each of them. They were the other four men scattered around the internet cafe.
I returned my eyes like some cautious rodent to the room around me.
At the computer terminal in front of me, I recognized the old Asian guy who had been there when I first arrived, and I placed him immediately as one of the figures on the screen, plastered against the left point of the star. In the analog world, the old man grimaced at me, his eyes shined with tears, his lips peeled apart as though wanting to laugh.
Except the only sound escaping his mouth was a series of liquid-infused gasps. Gheek! Gheek! Gheek! His hands encircled his neck as his body spasmed as a murky substance seeped between his fingers, cascading down his white tee-shirt, staining it. I was struck at that moment that, in the darkness of the cafe, he looked as monochromatic as he was on my screen.
“Are you...” I began, my voice too weak to disturb the solace of the rest of the room.
A figure covered by the front door and I heard a metallic click. It was the cafe attendant, his face ardent and almost aroused as his hand moved away from the lock. His eyes burned on the man before me, a grin plastering his face.
I quickly took a scan of the rest of the room. The three other men who had been in the cafe when I arrived were still at their computers. Except they were still, their bodies draping over their chair as blood had apparently long since ceased pumping from their slit necks.
It was the laptop screen that saved my life. At least for the time being.
I caught the glimpse of movement from my cam angle. A shadowed figure moved up from behind me, it's stance aggressive.
“Oh shit!”
I thrust back against the desk, my chair launching back on its plastic wheels. The person behind me was caught by surprise as my body pounded into him. I began to fall backwards as the figure folded over my body. I caught a glimpse of a blade, one of those Rambo-like knives, swinging over me as the figure fell forward.
I shot up, gathering my footing as I noticed the young Asian who last came in was rolling on the floor by my feet.
“What the hell? Dude, get the hell away.”
This was not what any horror movie hero I remember would have said in my situation. But I never imagined I find myself in one.
My body reacted before my mind. I noticed the kid had dropped his knife, his hand in a desperate search for it while his eyes blazed on me. He was bellowing out in a language I didn't understand. In that instant, my foot stomped on his face. Once. Twice.
I fell to my knee, pinning his slender frame against the floor as I grabbed the blade.
My actions were now divorced from my brain. I watched what happened next as I would watch a movie.
I brought the knife quickly up to my face and struck it down. There was a gasp of escaping air, a sensation of puncturing a bag of sand. The face of the boy beneath me shifted from rage to stunned disbelief, his eyes shot wide in my face. His hands made a feeble attempt to pull the knife from his chest as I rose before he returned his gaze to me. That look. I will never forget that look. There was a mix of fury, horror and a strange realization that death was encroaching on him. That look lasted just a few seconds before the gaze emptied, the eyes distant, reflecting that eerie glint of red lamplight in the room.
I heard a guttural cry. The old man, the attendant, stomped forward a step or two before stopping and staring down at the young Asian kid's body.
“No! No, no, no,” he yelled, less toward me than more toward the air around him. “Moloch not like. Not what Moloch wanted.”
His face looked to me as his arm pointed toward me. I noticed the darkened form of what as unmistakably a pistol in his grip. My arms involuntarily raised.
“Whoah! Wait,” I said. “Call the cops, man! This guy just tried to kill me.”
“No. Not how it was to happen,” he said again. “Moloch not pleased! Not at all.”
His language changed into whatever his native tongue was at that second, almost like he was holding a conversation with himself and the dingy air around him.
I waited for him to pull the trigger. But that band never came. After a time when he studied me in silence, he motioned the gun toward his desk.
“Come with me,” he said.
I followed, my legs jelly.
“I know you. You come here many times, looking on evil sex sites.”
The gun was still trained on me, my hands, trembling, still raised by my head. The old man punched some keys on his computer. My name appeared on his screen. What followed appeared like a roster. They were websites I had visited in my various visits to this cafe, a history of my darkweb internet sins.
“You see this, yeah? This is you. This the police will like, yeah?”
I just shook my head, unable to respond, my nostrils filling with the coppery stench of blood.
“We make a deal, yeah?”
I stared at him. I felt a cold chill on my leg and realized I must have pissed myself.
“We make a deal. You leave. Go home,” he said.
“I will clean up. Moloch not pleased. No. You killed my acolyte.”
“I don't...I don't understand...” I stuttered.
“Shut up!”
I could see the man was much older than I first realized, his face a splotched network of wrinkles and darkened age spots offset by oily black and gray hair.
“I know where you live,” he said.
I shook my head, confused.
“What do you want from me?”
“You my new acolyte.” The gun descended to his side. “Moloch demand it. You will take his place. I can destroy your life with the police, too.” He jabbed the gun toward the computer screen where my sins displayed in chronological order.
The gun returned to my face. A calm smile creased his face.
“You my new acolyte. Or you die.”
“Oh...okay. Yeah. Alright.”
He glanced around the room, his head shook.
“Big mess.”
The gun dropped again. This time, his other hand reached out and grabbed my right hand, still hovering by my head. He pulled it toward him and I felt the singe of a burn at the nape between my thumb and index finger. I cried out, yanking my hand away. The old man simply grinned.
Where I felt the burn was a charred image in my flesh, a brand of a small pentagram.
“Yes. You are my acolyte.”
My brain seized of all reason. It was as though I slipped through the depths of every Creepypasta story I ever read on those nights I was desperate for entertainment that didn't involve chemical concoctions or deviant porn clips.
“I will come to your house tomorrow,” he said. “You make me coffee. We drink together. I shall tell you about your new religion.”
I remained silent. He motioned the gun from me to the door.
“Go. I see you tomorrow.”
I stumbled back, striking a wall before rushing toward the door. My hand fumbled for the lock, expecting at any instant to hear a gunshot, feeling the cold burning sensation of a bullet pierce my body. None came.
“Remember,” the old man called out. “No word to anyone about this, yeah? I will clean this up. You my acolyte now. Or you die.”
For normal people, being told to keep silent wouldn't be an option. But for me, the old man had plenty on me. So, the next evening, I brewed a pot of strong coffee and placed two mugs on my kitchen table, waiting for the old man's visit to my home.
And if I were honest with you all, I'm actually intrigued to learn what I will be doing as Moloch's acolyte.
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